Giving someone access to your levy account

You can choose to have someone else manage your levy account on your behalf.  You can give them authority in a number of ways.

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    Give delegated access to another user

    You can give a representative, such as a friend or family member, permanent authority to act on your behalf.

    To do this, you can send us a form (ACC1766). Once we receive this, it usually takes about two business days to process. You can call us to check that everything has gone through.

    0800 222 991 (8:30am-5pm)

    ACC1766 Giving access to your levy information

    You can also give access to a representative by inviting them through MyACC for Business. Use the ‘relationships’ function to invite them to your account.

    Right now, they’ll only be able to view or change details that are in MyACC for Business.

    You can also change or remove their access yourself. 

    Login or register for MyACC for Business

    Staff access to your business account

    As an employer, any staff that manage your ACC account and have your business details, will be able to contact us about your levy account. You can also invite them through MyACC for Business so they can access and manage your account online.

    Limit staff who can access your account

    If you’re a larger business with a relationship manager, you can fill in a form stating who you’d like to have access to your levy account.

    Any new staff that aren’t included on this form must get clearance from an authorised person, such as a CEO, to get access.

    To find out more, contact your business customer solutions partner.

    For agents and advisors

    If you're a professional intermediary, such as an accountant, tax agent, or financial advisor, you can get authorisation from us to access all your clients’ accounts.

    Account access for agents and advisors

    Access by power of attorney

    If you've given someone the authority to look after your money or property under a general power of attorney or an enduring power of attorney, send us a copy of the legal document by email.

    Once we receive this, it'll take about two business days to process.

    Cancel someone's access

    Call us to cancel someone's authorisation to your levy account.

    Contact us

    Call us Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5pm: 

    Employers 0800 222 776
    Self-employed 0508 426 837
    Tax agents 0800 222 991

    Last published: 9 April 2020