Types of roles in MyACC for Business

Released 09/03/2018

You can choose from three different role types in MyACC for Business, each with different permissions to access and manage client levy accounts.

Client manager

A client manager can:

  • view clients in their portfolios
  • manage clients in their portfolios
  • view a list of portfolios in the organisation
  • view a list of users in the organisation
  • view the users who can access a portfolio
  • update their own profile details – name, phone and email.

Portfolio manager

A portfolio manager can:

  • do everything the client manager can
  • link new clients to the organisation (if the organisation has a Tax Agent status)
  • create new portfolios
  • rename and delete portfolios they have access to
  • add and remove clients to portfolios they have access to
  • assign and remove users’ access to the portfolios they have access to.


When your account is set up, you would have assigned an administrator. They can manage access for all other users.

An administrator can:

  • do everything a client manager and portfolio manager can do
  • see all clients in the organisation
  • manage all portfolios in the organisation
  • delink clients from the organisation
  • manage the details and roles of users
  • invite and delete other users in the organisation.