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Changing the way we work with agents and advisors

Released 12/01/2018

A big part of this is how we manage access to levy payer information. To make this easier for agents and advisors, we‘ve developed MyACC for Business – a new online tool for business customers to replace ACC Online.

Benefits of MyACC for Business

MyACC for Business has better functionality for helping agents and advisors manage their clients’ accounts. For example:

  • agents will be able to link instantly to clients’ accounts
  • agents and advisors will be able to see more information, including past transactions,  than what’s available in ACC Online,
  • agents and advisors will only be able to access invoices and account transaction listings through MyACC for Business, which will be faster and more convenient than ACC Online.

Working more closely with other government agencies

At the same time, we’re aligning the way we authorise access to levy payer accounts with Inland Revenue (IR). This will make authorisation rules more consistent and easier to follow. It means if an organisation is registered as a tax agent or advisor with IR, the same status will also apply with ACC. 

If an organisation does not have the status of a tax agent, they will be considered as an advisor.

To make sure that we provide the correct MyACC for Business account for agents and advisors that are currently working with us, we’ll soon be asking them to confirm their tax agent status.

Changes to how agents and advisors link to client accounts

Agents and advisors must be linked to clients in MyACC for Business to manage their clients’ levy payer accounts. There’s a different process for agents and advisors to do this:

Agents can:

  • self-link to their clients’ levy accounts in MyACC for Business in a similar way to ACC Online,
  • search by using a client’s ACC or IR number.

Advisors can:

  • link to their clients’ levy accounts in MyACC for Business after submitting a signed ‘ACC1766 Giving access to your levy information’ form or authority form/client agreement for each client
  • keep existing links to their clients where they’ve already provided a signed ACC1766 or authority form/client agreement.

ACC1766 Giving access to your levy information

Accessing MyACC for Business

Agents and advisors will soon be invited to use MyACC for Business. In the meantime, they should continue to use ACC Online. Each representative of an agent or advisor organisation will need to have a RealMe account to access MyACC for Business.

There will be a short transition period before MyACC for Business goes live where information on ACC Online will be available but not updated. Agents and advisors will be provided more details about how this impacts them in advance.

Find out about MyACC for Business

Using a RealMe account

RealMe is the New Zealand Government’s standard for securely consenting to and/or controlling online access to personal and business information. Agents and advisors can use an existing RealMe account or create a new account. A standard RealMe account is all that is required. A verified RealMe account is not necessary to access MyACC for Business.

Create an account with RealMe