You can now log in to MyACC for Business with Google or Microsoft

Released 30/11/2018

We’ve made some changes that now give you the choice between using RealMe, Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Office 365) accounts to register and log in to MyACC for Business.

Previously, when registering for MyACC for Business, you had to have a RealMe account and use that each time you wanted to log in.

We heard your feedback that you wanted alternatives to RealMe to register and log in which is why we’re now giving you other options.

What if I’ve already registered using RealMe?

We’ve made it possible for you to change your preferred login at any time. If you have already registered with RealMe and would like to change to Google or Microsoft, you can do this by selecting ‘Change login preferences’ from the menu in MyACC for Business. Or, you can continue using RealMe.

You can only have one login type at a time. If you change your preferences remember this the next time you go to log in. If you try to log in with your old details, you will get an error message, letting you know that you have changed your login preferences.