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Employer claim reports are coming soon

Released 27/02/19

Employer claim reports (ECR) will soon be available in MyACC for Business. ECR can help you to manage your business and plan for future health and safety initiatives. 

What an employer claim report is

ECR is a report that advises employers of work-related claims made by their employees. As an employer, there are three main benefits of ECR. These include:

  • better planning for and managing your business
  • providing support and help for an injured employee
  • using the historical injury data this provides to help drive health and safety initiatives for your business.

If you’re still using ACC Online to access ECR

Because some customers relied on ECR and it wasn’t ready to be included in MyACC for Business, we maintained limited access to ACC Online so that they could still access this information. Once ECR is available in MyACC for Business, we’ll remove ACC Online permanently. 

This means, if you’re currently using ACC Online and you haven’t registered for MyACC for Business, you must to do so as soon as possible so that you can continue to access this information. 

Register and follow the instructions to get set up. 

Register for MyACC for Business

Access to ECR in MyACC for Business

Because ECR contains information about your employees’ injuries, we want to make sure that this information can be managed appropriately within your business. Therefore, only the primary user of your MyACC for Business account will have access to ECR on day one. 

The primary user is the person who first set up and registered for MyACC for Business and has access to invite other users from your organisation. 

Once ECR is available in MyACC for Business, the primary user can delegate access to the claims information to other users, as required. 

If you’d like to change your primary user before ECR is made available, contact us.

Phone 0800 222 776 

If you’re already a MyACC for Business user

If you’re already registered, and there’s employee work-related claims information for your organisation, your primary user can view and download a claims report as soon as these reports become available.

They can then delegate access to other users within the organisation as required.

If you’d like to change your primary user, remember to let us know as soon as possible.