Agriculture - quad bike crush protection device subsidy

If you’re self-employed or own a small to medium-sized business in the agriculture sector, you might be eligible for a workplace injury prevention subsidy to help pay for a crush protection device (CPD) for quad bikes at work.

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    Supporting businesses to improve quad bike safety

    Every year quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury in rural workplaces with many incidents associated with accidental rollovers.

    On average, five people die from quad bike-related accidents each year, and we receive over 1,000 claims for work-related quad bike accidents, costing $12 million.

    A new policy clarification from WorkSafe was issued in June 2019, strongly recommending that crush protection devices (CPDs) are installed on all quad bikes used for work.

    To support the use of CPDs on quad bikes, we’ve collaborated with WorkSafe to design a workplace injury prevention subsidy to help rural businesses buy CPDs.

    You can find more information about the policy clarification relating to crush protection devices on quad bikes on WorkSafe’s website.

    WorkSafe Policy Clarification: CPDs on quad bikes

    Contributing to crush protection device costs

    CPDs can reduce the risk of injury or death to you or your staff when they’re riding a quad bike. A CPD can be fitted to a quad bike to provide a survivable space should a rider be pinned underneath it.

    We’ll help you to have a safer workplace by contributing to the cost of up to two CPDs per business (including self-employed).

    We’ll send each business a certificate to acknowledge your participation and commitment to improving workplace safety.

    Our contribution

    The subsidy offer is $180 per CPD with a maximum of two CPD purchases per business (including self-employed).

    *Contribution excludes GST

    Types of CPDs we'll contribute to

    There are three CPDs currently on the market that WorkSafe recommends and are eligible for this subsidy: the LifeGuard, Quadbar, and Quadbar Flexi. These need to be purchased brand new and not second-hand.

    These CPDs have been thoroughly tested and are designed to withstand the forces of a quad bike rollover to the extent that the operator has a greater probability of escaping serious harm from crushing, and can do so with limited effect on the operation of the vehicle itself.

    How to find out if you're eligible

    To be eligible for this workplace injury prevention subsidy, you must be self-employed or own a small to medium-sized business (0 to 99 employees) in the following sub-sectors:

    • Sheep and beef cattle farming (CU code 1230)
    • Sheep farming (CU code 1240)
    • Beef cattle farming (CU code 1250)
    • Dairy cattle farming (CU code 1300)
    • Livestock farming (not elsewhere classified) (CU code 1590)
    • Hunting and trapping (CU code 2200).

    Checking if you're eligible is as simple as logging into MyACC for Business. If eligible for this subsidy, you'll have the offer displayed on your MyACC for Business overview page.

    Log in to MyACC for Business

    If you've never used MyACC for Business, find out more about it and how to register.

    About MyACC for Business

    There are terms and conditions for redeeming this workplace injury prevention subsidy.

    Terms and conditions for workplace injury prevention subsidies

    How to redeem your subsidy offer

    1. Log in to MyACC for Business to check that you're eligible and the amount you're eligible for.
      MyACC for Business
    2. Purchase an approved CPD.
    3. Go back to MyACC for Business to redeem your offer and upload an itemised receipt of your purchase.

      If you don't have a receipt, include an invoice showing the item(s) and a screenshot of your bank or credit card statement showing the transaction.
    4. If you've provided all the correct information, we'll transfer our contribution to your nominated bank account.
    5. We'll formally acknowledge your business' participation and commitment to improving workplace safety.

    Contact us

    Get in touch if you have any questions about the workplace injury prevention subsidy. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


    Last published: 3 September 2020