Construction supervisor health and safety training subsidy

If your business is working in construction and has 6 to 99 employees, you might be eligible for a workplace injury prevention subsidy to help pay for health and safety training.

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    Collaborating with CHASNZ to give your business a hand

    In collaboration with Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ), we've designed a subsidy to help small and medium-sized businesses (6 to 99 employees) have better access to health and safety (H&S) training for front-line leaders. These can include:

    • site managers
    • health and safety managers
    • supervisors
    • team leaders
    • foremen.

    Specifically, the subsidy is for the Leadsafe Supervisor and Site Safe Supervisor training courses.

    Small to medium-sized businesses have told us they would benefit from accessing H&S training for their front-line leaders to develop key competencies that, when applied in the workplace, have a direct impact on H&S outcomes. The key skills being developed through the subsidised training courses are:

    • role model the desired skills, safety attitudes and behaviours required on-site including with sub-contractors
    • develop good communication skills that will enable the participant to have effective safety conversations
    • positively influence and rectify inappropriate behaviours
    • effectively use the safety tools and systems such as hazard management, risk identification and assessment, and incident investigations to get better work outcomes
    • clearly understand roles and responsibilities as a safety leader and be proactively involved in the management of safety on-site, every day
    • proactively assess safety risk and drive safe attitudes and working methods.

    A list of eligible training providers and a summary of the courses offered can be found below.

    Eligible training providers and courses

    The following training providers and courses are eligible for this subsidy:

    The Learning Wave

    The Learning Wave delivers learning design solutions and essential skills training to a range of construction organisations across the industry. They've been operating since 2005.

    Leadsafe Supervisor course information on The Learning Wave's website

    Site Safe

    Site Safe was established in 1999 and is a corporate member of the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management. Their training courses are recognised by major construction firms.

    Sitesafe Supervisor course information on Site Safe's website


    IMPAC was founded in 1999 and provides training, H&S consulting, and safety management software services across New Zealand.

    Leadsafe Supervisor course information on IMPAC's website

    Besafe Training

    Besafe Training offers a wide range of health and safety, NZQA registered courses. They are a Category 1 training provider.

    Leadsafe Supervisor course information on Besafe Training's website

    Our contribution

    We'll pay 50% of the cost towards a health and safety training course up to a maximum amount, depending on the size of your business.

    Note: Our maximum contribution is per company. Not per person attending the training.

    The table outlines our maximum contribution:

    Business size (employees) Business size definition ($ liable earnings range) ACC maximum contribution*
    Small (6 to 19 FTE) $322,400 to $1,225,119 $350
    Small to Small/Medium (20 to 49 FTE) $1,225,120 to $3,159,519 $850
    Medium (50 to 99 FTE) $3,159,520 to $6,383519 $2,000

    * Contribution excludes GST

    How to find out if you're eligible

    To be eligible for this workplace injury prevention subsidy, your business must be:

    • a small to medium-sized business with around 6 to 99 employees
    • in the construction sector, inclusive of all sub-sectors.

    Checking if you're eligible is as simple as logging into MyACC for Business. If eligible for this subsidy, you'll have the offer displayed on your MyACC for Business overview page.

    Log into MyACC for Business

    If you've never used MyACC for Business, find out more about it and how to register.

    About MyACC for Business

    There are terms and conditions for redeeming this workplace injury prevention subsidy:

    Terms and conditions for workplace injury prevention subsidies

    How to redeem your subsidy offer

    1. Log in to MyACC for Business to check that you're eligible and the amount you're eligible for.
      Log in to MyACC for Business
    2. Select, book and pay for the training programme and provider which suits your needs best.
    3. Upload an itemised receipt from your purchase. Note the receipt or invoice must contain the name of the provider, name of the course purchased, suppliers GST number, your name and business name and the cost of the course. If you don't have a receipt, include an invoice showing the item(s) and a screenshot of your bank or credit card statement showing the payment transaction.
    4. If you have provided all the correct information, we'll transfer our contribution to your nominated bank account.
    5. We’ll formally acknowledge your business' participation and commitment to improving workplace safety.

    Contact us

    Get in touch if you have any questions about the workplace injury prevention subsidy. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. 


    Last published: 3 September 2020