Helping to access health and safety advisory services

If you’re a small to medium sized business in the manufacturing sector, you might be eligible for a workplace injury prevention subsidy to help pay for a health and safety advisory service from a HASANZ-registered professional.

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    Collaborating with HASANZ to give your business a hand

    In collaboration with the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ), we’ve designed a workplace injury prevention subsidy. It’s to help small and medium-sized businesses have better access to health and safety (H&S) advisory services. The subsidy aims to improve workplace H&S performance in the manufacturing sector.

    Small to medium-sized businesses have told us they would benefit from accessing H&S advisory services. They often need extra resources to improve their health and safety systems and/or practices. That’s even more important in the case of the manufacturing sector.

    Whatever your line of work, whatever your business structure, having a health and safety plan is critical. Putting it into practice every day will keep your team safe, reduce your risk and costs, drive productivity up and improve staff retention.

    With support from HASANZ, you can search for professional help for the problem you’re trying to solve. The HASANZ Register is a one-stop-shop for businesses to find reliable, quality health and safety advice and services. Funding from WorkSafe and ACC helped develop the national, online register of verified workplace health and safety professionals.

    Try a free online assessment 

    The SafePlus online self-assessment tool aims to support health and safety improvements for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a simple way to get feedback from people in all parts of your business and provides guidance on the H&S improvement priorities identified by the survey.

    We recommend your business completes an online SafePlus assessment before you engage with a H&S advisor. The assessment is a good first step towards preparing an effective action plan.

    Access the SafePlus online tool

    How we’ll help pay for H&S advisory services

    H&S advisory services we can help pay for

    The H&S advisory services must be undertaken or supervised and signed off by a H&S advisor on the HASANZ Register. You can find a suitable registered advisor, with experience in your sector, from the online HASANZ Register.

    Find a registered professional from the HASANZ Register

    Have a look at the types of H&S advisory services we’ll contribute to:

    Types of services Description
    Action plan

    The plan should respond to the question: what are we going to do to have better health and safety in this workplace?

    An action plan is a documented list of objectives, activities, tasks, timelines, responsibilities and other information that outlines how you’ll address a H&S gap or improve the overall H&S of a workplace.

    Improvement activity

    An improvement activity should respond to the question: what has the health and safety consultant helped us to put in place to improve the health and safety of our workplace?

    An improvement activity is the actions and/or tasks that have been implemented to address a gap or improve the overall health and safety of a workplace.

    Our contribution

    We’ll pay 50% of the cost of an advisory service from a HASANZ-registered H&S professional up to a maximum amount, depending on the size of your business.

    Business size (employees) Business size definition Our maximum contribution*
    Small to Small/Medium (around 6 to 49 employees) $373k - $3,050k liable earnings $500
    Medium (around 50 to 99 employees) $3,051k - $6,162k liable earnings $1,300

    *Maximum contribution excludes GST

    The maximum contribution varies according to the size of the business, eg a H&S advisor is likely to spend more time providing their advice to a medium-sized business, so the service costs may be more than the cost for a small business.

    The subsidy will be available for 12 months from 30 September, but we’ll review uptake after 6 months.


    If the H&S advisory service costs $1,500, our contribution for each business size would be:

    Business size H&S advisory service cost Our contribution* Notes

    Small - Small/Medium

    (6 to 49 employees)

    $1,500 $500 Payment capped at maximum for this business size.


    (50 to 99 employees)

    $1,500 $750 Payment capped at 50% of cost.

    * Contribution excludes GST

    How to apply

    To apply for the workplace injury prevention subsidy, your business needs to be:

    • a small to medium-sized business with around 6 to 99 employees
    • in the manufacturing industry, including all its sub-sectors.

    To apply, download and complete the application form, then email it to us.

    Application for health and safety advisory service subsidy


    Note: We determine the sub-sector a business belongs to through their Classification Unit (CU) code used for levy invoicing purposes and the business size through the reported business liable earnings.

    Classification Unit (CU)

    After we’ve received your application

    1. We’ll confirm you're eligible and send more information
    2. You can then go ahead and engage with a HASANZ-registered H&S professional
    3. Send us a receipt and a copy of the Action Plan and/or the Improvement Activity report from your advisor
    4. We’ll transfer our contribution to your nominated bank account
    5. We’ll formally acknowledge your business’ participation and commitment to improving workplace safety.

    Note: the information and copies of reports provided to us will only be used for research and continuous improvement purposes. No private or commercially sensitive information will be disclosed to third parties nor used for any other purpose than to improve the subsidy product.

    If you're a HASANZ Health and Safety Advisor

    If you're a HASANZ Health and Safety Advisor and would like to know more about this subsidy, visit the HASANZ website.

    Health and Safety Association NZ

    Alternatively you can contact the HASANZ team via email and they can provide you with more information from a Health and Safety Advisor perspective.


    Last published: 28 January 2020