Workplace injury prevention subsidies

We're helping small to medium businesses access services and support that's proven to improve workplace health and safety.

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    How workplace injury prevention subsidies work

    Workplace injury prevention subsidies are available to help small to medium businesses access services and other support that are known to improve workplace health and safety.

    There are three types of subsidies:

    • workforce capability development, eg training courses
    • professional health and safety consulting advice
    • capital investment that has health and safety outcomes, eg people moving equipment.

    Subsidies are generally sector-specific and are likely to be targeted at sectors where workers have a higher risk of injury. The subsidies that will be offered will change over time to meet business, sector and workplace needs.

    What makes up a workplace injury prevention subsidy?

    Workplace injury prevention subsidies include three elements:  

    • a capped 50% contribution towards the purchase of approved training, equipment, products or programmes
    • improved access to information about the health and safety improvement solutions for which a subsidy is being offered
    • recognition for those businesses that take up an workplace injury prevention subsidies.

    The funding rate for each subsidy varies depending on business size and sector.

    Who can apply

    Small to medium businesses (typically 6 – 99 employees) in specified sectors can apply for a relevant workplace injury prevention subsidy.

    Three subsidies are currently on offer to the construction, the healthcare and social assistance and the agriculture sectors – all these sectors have high rates of work-related death and injury.

    Subsidies for businesses and workplaces in other high risk sectors will be offered in the future.

    Helping to buy aid equipment for your workplace

    Helping to purchase quad bike crush protection devices (CPDs)

    Helping to access health and safety advisory services

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    Last published: 13 January 2020