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Home and Community Support Services contract

We're making changes to improve the way our kiritaki (clients) access and experience the home and community support we contract.

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    Changing how we contract these services

    The current Integrated Home and Community Services (IHCS) contract ends in March 2024. Replacing this with two new services will allow us to better tailor the services to meet the distinct needs of different client groups and improve choice and experience for kiritaki Māori.

    We invite organisations and providers who are interested in providing home care services for our clients to learn more below.  ​

    What’s changing

    We fund providers to deliver personal care, childcare and home help type services to clients following an accident. These services are intended to support clients to return to independence or live as independently as they can in their homes and communities. 

    When the IHCS comes up for renewal in March 2024 we are ending the contract in its current form and replacing it with two distinct contracts:

    1. Clients who need support temporarily - Return to Independence
    2. Clients who need services long-term or for life - Maximise Independence

    This is not a full redesign of services, and allows for future extension of the casemix model to more complex services.

    Why it’s changing

    With the current contract coming up for renewal, we have the opportunity to review how well the Integrated Home Care and Support Service supports the goals of our new, 10-year organisational strategy Huakina Te Rā:

    • Mana Taurite | Equity
    • Ringa Atawhai | Guardianship
    • Oranga Whānau | Safe and resilient Communities

    See our strategy Huakina Te Rā

    We believe the changes will allow us to better tailor the services to:

    • meet the distinct needs of different client groups
    • improve choice and experience for kiritaki by partnering with a wider range of providers reflecting the communities we serve. 

    Awarding contracts

    The tender for the two new Home & Community Support Services contracts closed on 2 October and we are now reviewing submissions.  

    By the end of October, we will let businesses know if they’ve been shortlisted to progress to the next stage. 

    We will then invite businesses to meet the evaluation panel for an online interview sometime between mid-November and early December. 

    We aim to let people know the outcome of their application before Christmas. 

    During February, we will introduce new providers to the ways of working with ACC and support them to be ready to deliver the new contract. We will also support existing providers to transition to the new contracts. 

    The new contracts go live on 1 March 2024. 

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    Last published: 30 November 2023