ProviderHub - coming soon

Released 22/06/2021

Making access to ACC simpler

If you're using our self-service digital platforms, soon you'll have access to a new hub.

Mid-year, we'll start rolling out the ProviderHub to replace existing online platforms (like eBusiness Gateway). We're talking to professional bodies, and to some of you, about how we can make this transition as smooth as possible. 

The new hub will make things simpler. Most things you need will be in one place, with more of the functions you've been asking for and a modern look - plus increased privacy and security.

If you're using Practice Management System (PMS) for claims, invoicing, and medical certificate submissions, you'll be mostly unaffected. 

When do I need to change?

You don’t need to do anything different right now.

Once organisations are successfully using the new online hub, existing online services will be turned off. The platforms supporting these services are at the end of their life and need to be replaced.

More detailed information will come your way over the next few months.

What services will be transitioned?


Currently accessed via.

Claims Submission (Single Claim Submission)

Healthlink Claim eLodgement portal

Claim Queries

eBusiness Gateway

Invoice Submission

eBusiness Gateway

Invoice Queries

eBusiness Gateway

Treatment Extension Requests

Sensitive Claim Engagement Form Submission

Vocational Rehabilitation Reporting

Medical Certificate submission and Change of Diagnosis submission will also be available on the Provider Hub.

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