Availability of Provider ACC Digital Services Weekend of 9 March

Released 04/03/2019

Over the weekend of 9 March 2019, ACC will be switching to a new version of our online case management system, which will affect Provider ACC Digital Services.

Here are the indicative timeframes of service availability during the weekend of 9 March:

 Service Friday 8 March (PM)   Saturday 9 March (AM) Saturday 9 March (PM)  Sunday 10 March (AM) Sunday 10 March (Starting at 12 PM) Monday 11 March (AM) Monday 11 March (from 8 AM onwards)
 Submissions     Available   Service unavailable  Available
 Queries     Available but won't show recent submissions   Service unavailable  Available

 What this means for you:

  • From the evening of Friday 8 March to 12 pm, Sunday 10 March, you can submit forms. However, you will not be able to query recent submissions.
  • From 12 pm, Sunday 10 March, you will not be able to access any provider ACC Digital services and not be able to submit the following forms online until 8 am on Monday 11 March:
    • Invoice submissions and queries (eBusiness Gateway, SendInvoice, SOAP/API)
    • Injury Claim submissions and queries (eBusiness Gateway, Healthlink eLodgement, SOAP/API)
    • Vocational Rehab forms
    • Home Care Support services forms and reporting
    • Sensitive Claims Engagement forms

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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