Changing the way we work with General Practice

Released 20/11/2019

Urban GP, nurse, and nurse practitioner services are funded by ACC via the Cost of Treatment Regulations, on a fee-per-visit basis. General Practice indicated they'd like to see a more flexible approach to the way we work together – we agree and have been exploring this collaboratively with the General Practice sector.

We’d like to build a framework that develops our relationship with General Practice and moves us to a way of working that supports innovation and improves access and outcomes for patients, and drives system efficiencies.

What we’ve done

This project started in November 2018 when a Primary Health Care Sector Engagement Group was formed with representatives of national professional bodies in primary health care. The group created a set of principles to guide the project and form the foundation of a future relationship.

To learn more from the sector, feedback was sought on the Shape Your ACC website and a national roadshow of 17 workshops in 13 locations was held in February and March 2019.

Shape Your ACC

The project and what we consulted on

The key themes identified at the roadshows

Using the themes identified in the roadshows, we then held three regional concept design workshops with sector representatives in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.

A summary of the concept design workshops

A working group comprising of national sector representatives was then formed to help us define the high-level concept.

Proposed approach

We have developed a high-level concept and are now seeking sector feedback.

You can find more information, and let us know what you think, at the Shape Your ACC website. Have your say by Monday 16 December 2019.

Shape Your ACC

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