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Features of ProviderHub

ProviderHub will offer a range of features that health providers have been asking for. We will continue to add new and exciting features to ProviderHub over time.

Logins and user IDs

Every person who uses ProviderHub will need their own login, including administration staff. This is important for ensuring both your information and client information is secure and protected.   To create your login, we need a unique email address that’s only used by you. This will also be your ProviderHub username.  

If you use a shared email for work purposes and don’t have your own unique work email, you can use a personal email address to sign in. Your email will not be displayed in ProviderHub and you will not be sent any patient information to this email. It is only to sign into ProviderHub.  

Types of access

There are three different access types for ProviderHub.

At registration each user will be asked to specify what type of access they require. Requests for Basic or Elevated access will be verified with the authorised signatory for the business before they are approved.

Access type Tasks available

Health clinician access

  • Complete and submit forms related to their scope of practice
  • Query claims and invoices

Basic access

(Non-health clinicians)

  • Submit and query invoices, query claims

Elevated access

(May or may not be a health clinician)

Everything basic access can do, plus:

  • request to update your business's bank account and contact details
  • invite and approve new staff as ProviderHub users
  • if they are also a health clinician, they will also be able to complete and submit forms related to their scope of practice.

Multi-factor authentication

You will be asked to verify your identity each time you log into ProviderHub by entering a unique code.  

When you first set up your username and password, you’ll be asked how you want to receive login codes. You can choose to do this in one of two ways: 

  • via an app on your mobile phone
  • receive an email with a unique code. 

ProviderHub will be available on all devices, but is optimised for desktop use, so we recommend using a computer to access it for a better user experience.

If you are using a mobile device to access ProviderHub, we recommend using the Salesforce Authenticator app which you'll find in the app store. If you choose to use this app you’ll only need to authenticate and enter a unique code every 90 days if you are logging in from the same device. 

If you choose to use email or a different authenticator app, you will be prompted to enter a unique code each time you login. 

View your contact details

You will be able to view the contact details we hold for you in the ‘My Account’ section of ProviderHub.  

If you are not a healthcare provider, eg you are a provider of non-health services or an administrator, you will be able to request to edit your details in ProviderHub from day one to ensure they are accurate. 

View your business contact details

You will be able to view the contact details we hold for your business in the ‘My Account’ section of ProviderHub. If you are the authorised signatory for your business and have been set up with elevated administrator access in ProviderHub, you will be able to request updates to business details.   

Provider search

The search function in ProviderHub allows you to search for other businesses and their staff who use ProviderHub. You will be able to see the business contact details of other ProviderHub users, including health clinicians, administrative and management staff, and any businesses they are linked to. You will also be able to refine your search by location and business name. When you sign in for the first time you will be asked to consent to your information being displayed in the ProviderHub search.

Last published: 18 February 2022