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Learn about ProviderHub

You'll be able to use ProviderHub to invoice us, look up claim and invoice information, request treatment extensions, submit a sensitive claim engagement form - and more.

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    What is ProviderHub?

    ProviderHub is an online self-service platform replacing our existing digital self-service offerings.

    You’ll be able to use ProviderHub to invoice us, look up claim and invoice information, request treatment extensions, submit a sensitive claim engagement form - and more.

    We'll continue to add new and exciting features to ProviderHub, like submitting a claim, medical certificate and change of diagnosis form.

    It’s built on the latest cloud technology and has controls in place to protect your information and the privacy of our shared clients.


    The animation below illustrates a new way of working with ProviderHub.

    Video transcript introducing ProviderHub

    When will it be ready?

    Due to factors such as the impact of Omicron on the healthcare sector, we’re expecting to invite most users to sign-up in the second half of 2022.  A small group may be invited sooner as part of a pilot. 

    We’ll be making ProviderHub available to different groups of users over the space of a few months, to make sure everyone has the support they need with this change. This means we won’t be inviting everyone to sign-up and start using it straight away. We’ll keep in touch by email with everyone who has pre-registered for ProviderHub, to let you know when it’s your turn to transition.

    Why ProviderHub?

    We’re making this change because the current technology is outdated and the platforms supporting these services need to be replaced.

    ProviderHub includes more of the functions you've been asking for, making the experience of working with us easier.

    A pre-recorded introductory webinar for ProviderHub is available below.

    Who is impacted?

    If you use any of our existing online services, including eBusiness Gateway, ACC online forms, eLodgement or the Sensitive Claim Engagement form, you will need to move to ProviderHub.

    If you’re using a PMS for claims, invoicing, and medical certificate submission you’ll be largely unaffected.

    'Am I impacted' factsheet

    What systems will be impacted?

     Service Currently accessed via 
    Claims submission (ACC45)  eLodgement portal
    Claim queries  eBusiness Gateway 
    Invoice submission eBusiness Gateway 
    Invoice queries  eBusiness Gateway 
    Treatment extension requests (ACC32)  ACC online forms
    Sensitive claim engagement form submission   ACC website
    Medical certificate (ACC18) submission New ACC online service
    Change of diagnosis submission  New ACC online service

    Not all services will be available from day one

    We’ll keep you posted when we add more functionality and forms.

    Existing platforms, including eBusiness Gateway, will be turned off once all new forms are in ProviderHub and all businesses have been invited to register to use it.

    Additional features

    ProviderHub will offer great features to make working with us easier, including:

    • more online services available in one place
    • individual logins with identity verification to ensure our clients data is secure
    • the ability to view the contact details ACC holds for you and edit your details if they change
    • request a change of diagnosis without needing to complete a full ACC32 Treatment Extension Request or ACC18 Medical Certificate
    • ‘pause’ a form and come back to it later.  Forms, excluding invoices, can be paused for up to 14 days.
    Last published: 14 February 2022