Preventing injuries

Sometimes it might feel like injuries are just part of everyday life, but, in fact, around 90 per cent of injuries can be prevented.

We want to reduce the number of injuries happening across Aotearoa. Here are some examples of what we’re doing right now with trusted partners and communities to help keep you safe.

WS swim pool

Nelson, 9:30am

A lesson on safely rolling and turning in water starts for another class of year 2 students. We partner to deliver the Water Skills for Life programme that teaches children life-long water safety. The programme is delivered to around 200,000 children each year aged between five and thirteen, with a focus on lower decile schools. 

ACC supports Water Skills for Life

AIMS 2019 netballer

Rotorua, 9:55am

Molly and her year 10 class are receiving Netball Smart training to improve their skills and wellbeing and prevent injuries on the court. Netball Smart is an injury prevention programme delivered in partnership with ACC and Netball NZ to over 75 secondary schools across Aotearoa, New Zealand, every year. 

ACC supports Netball Smart

football goalie

Napier, 10:31am

It’s Saturday morning and Ash is receiving prevention and performance education as part of their 11+ community coaching qualification with NZ Football. 11+ is delivered in partnership with ACC and NZ Football and reaches around 2,250 coaches every year, which influences over 40,000 players across Aotearoa, New Zealand.

ACC supports football prevention education with 11+

Dairy Farm 1

Timaru, 11:57am

Around 60 farmers are injured every day. That’s a big impact on them, their families and the rural community, when they get taken out of play. Farmstrong is a rural wellbeing initiative for farmers and growers to help them ‘live well to farm well’.

Read about preventing injury on the farm


Kaitaia, 3:13pm

We've invested $3.9million over two years into the Work Should Not Hurt programme, in partnership with the charitable trust, Construction Health and Safety New Zealand. The programme aims to ensure tradespeople can enjoy long, pain-free careers and retire when they need to - not prematurely through injury.

Read more about preventing injury in the construction industry

PJ Hero image

South Auckland, 7:30pm

South Auckland dad and basketball coach Peter Josephs works with Pasifika organisation Le Va to help reduce family violence in Aotearoa. We support Le Va to help prevent violence in our communities and over the next few years we are investing $44 million to establish a sexual violence prevention system. 

Read PJ's story about preventing violence in his community

It's what we're doing today

In Aotearoa, we all value the freedom to do the things we love. We support that by helping prevent injuries, and providing the care, equipment, and treatment to aid in recovery if they do happen.

Helping you advance your motorcycle skills

Our Ride Forever courses help motorcyclists advance their skills and learn new techniques to keep themselves and others safe on the road. This gives New Zealanders the freedom to explore the country and safely enjoy our beautiful scenery.

Learn about and book a Ride Forever course

Advance your motorcycle skills

Video transcript for Advance your motorcycle skills

Text reads Crown Ranges 6:51pm.

In first person point of view, we look out at the picturesque lookout. We see that we

are sat on our motorbike, and our vision framed through the helmet visor.

We’re with our female friend who says “Let’s keep going!” and puts her helmet back on.

We start our motorcycle up. We cut to see them moving off from the lookout.

Voice over: Helping motorcyclists advance their skills. It's what we're doing today.

The ACC Logo appears and text reads Learn more at

Helping you improve strength and balance

Our support of community strength and balance classes for people over 65, helps people to continue to do the things they love later in life. Through these classes people come together and meet others at a similar age and stage, building a sense of community.

Learn about and book a community strength and balance class

Improve your strength and balance

Video transcript for Improve your strength and balance

Text reads Clyde 10:01pm

In first-person point of view we walk through the foyer of a simple community hall. We can hear aerobics style music from another room. We reach out and open a door which reveals a larger hall and a community strength and balance class about to start with a group of over 65s waiting on their exercise mats. The instructor turns and gives us a big smile.

Instructor: Oh Margaret, hi, come on in, come on in.”

We walk into the group.

In our final frame, we see the community strength and balance class begin and the instructor leading them off.

Voice over: Helping you improve strength and balance. It's what we're doing today.

The ACC Logo appears and text reads Learn more at

Last published: 28 April 2023