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Growing attraction? Or growing aggresion?

Released 21/10/2020


Close up of throwing a ball for a small dog, the dog runs after the ball.


Soft music plays.

Female voice: "Doggy come here! Get the ball!".

Laughing. Dog barks.


Wide shot showing a walker watching a couple walk through a park. The dog runs after the ball.

The scene changes to focus just on the couple holding hands, smiling and walking through the park.

Words appear on-screen: 'Growing attraction?'


Music slows, distorted fizzing/scratching sounds are heard.


A pixelating glitch effect obscures the scene. 

The shot focuses on the walker, who is watching the couple with a concerned look on her face. The video slows down and goes into black and white.

A pixelating glitch effect obscures the scene again and returns to the scene of the couple. The male swings his arm around the back of his partner and pulls her in closer, looking off to the side towards the walker.

Words appear on-screen: 'Or growing aggression?'


Music sounds as if it's slowly being played backwards


Scene shows the shadows of the couple with a blue tinge.

Words appear on-screen: 'We help young people learn about healthy relationships.

Scene changes to male changing his position to hold his partners hand and interlocking fingers.

Words appear on-screen: 'And we support people harmed by sexual violence.'

Screen goes fully blue. Words appear on-screen' Learn more at acc.co.nz'

ACC logo appears at the bottom of the screen.