Self link to new clients

Released 04/12/2019

Step 1

Login to your MyACC business account

Step 2

Under the “Clients” tab, click “Add client” listed in the panel on the right

Step 3

Enter your “ACC or IR Number” and search

You should now see information relating to the number that you entered

Step 4

Click “Add Client” on the client you wish to add

Step 5

Your added client will be displayed on the “Add new clients” web page

Click “Link these clients”

Step 6

Once added, you will be asked to select one of many “Add new clients to selected portfolios”

Select the options listed in the panel to suit your choice

Step 7

Once you have selected the options, please click “Add to portfolios”

Step 8

You will be redirected to the main page where you will be able to see the linked information