Sort out a problem with your claim

If you’re unhappy with a decision we’ve made, get in touch with the person you’ve been dealing with. Their contact details will be in your letter. They'll explain in more detail why we've made this decision, and can come back to you with answers.

On this page

    Contact our customer team

    You can also contact our customer resolutions team. Quote your claim number (if you have one) and let them know your concerns. 

    Phone 0800 650 222 

    They'll work with you, and the team that made the initial decision, to resolve any issues. You can also ask for a review.

    Get someone to talk to us on your behalf

    You can choose someone to talk to us about your claim on your behalf. You can give them authority in different ways, and give different levels of access.

    Give someone authority to talk to us about your claim

    Independent community groups you can talk to

    There are community and services who can give confidential and free advice. Get in touch with:

    The Citizen Advice Bureau
    Community Law
    Workplace injury advocacy service

    Your rights as our client

    Our staff and anyone else working on our behalf must follow the Code of ACC Claimants' Rights. Your rights are to:

    • be treated with dignity and respect
    • be treated fairly and to have your views considered
    • have your culture, values, and beliefs respected
    • have a support person or persons
    • communicate effectively
    • be fully informed
    • have your privacy respected
    • complain.

    If you feel that you haven't received a good level of service, talk to us to sort out your problem.

    If you're still not happy after talking to us

    If you've talked to us and you’re still not happy you can:

    Send us a review

    If you disagree with a decision we’ve made, you can apply for an independent review.

    Review an ACC decision

    Make a complaint to us

    If you think we haven’t followed the Code of ACC Claimants' Rights, you can complain to us.

    Phone 0800 650 222

    You can also download and send us a complaint form:

    ACC709 Complaint form

    Make a complaint to an independent organisation

    If you have a complaint about your privacy, contact:

    Office of the Privacy Commissioner
    Phone 0800 803 909

    Complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

    If you think we’ve treated you unfairly, contact:

    Office of the Ombudsmen
    Phone 0800 802 602

    Complain to the Office of the Ombudsman

    If you’re unhappy about a health or disability service you’ve received, or with one of the health providers working for us, contact:

    The Health and Disability Commissioner
    Phone 0800 112 233

    Complain to the Health and Disability Commissioner

    Last published: 10 October 2019