How we’ll support you if you’re injured

We have a new, more customer-focused approach to supporting you when you’re injured. Learn what's changed and how you can manage your own claim.

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    Tailored support for you

    Most accidents result in injuries like sprains, strains and breaks. If you’re recovering from these kinds of injuries, you usually just need us to help pay for your treatment.

    If your recovery is straightforward, we have a team ready to answer your questions and help you get what you need. This means you can always talk to someone when you get in touch.

    If you need more support, or it's likely you will have a life-long relationship with us, you’ll have a dedicated person helping you manage your needs.

    As your needs change over time, we’ll work with you to tailor the level of support you’re getting.

    Print the infographic for more information:

    How we’ll support you if you’re injured

    The animation below shows how you can access support as you recover.

    Meet Aroha – hear her story

    Manage your claim through MyACC

    MyACC is an online platform where you can manage your recovery on your own terms, when and where it suits you. It’s a secure, convenient and transparent way for you to manage your claim and your personal details.

    Through MyACC you can:

    • access your claim details
    • order services such as taxis or home help
    • request equipment such as knee scooters
    • request reimbursement, eg for prescriptions
    • ask one of our team to get in touch with you.

    Using MyACC

    MyACC is available to anyone that made a claim after July 2007. Call us if you want to use MyACC.

    Phone 0800 101 996

    If you received an invitation to use MyACC

    Some clients need more support or are likely to have a life-long relationship with us. These clients will be invited to use MyACC.

    If you've received an invitation, you can register now.

    Register for MyACC

    Login to MyACC

    What's changed

    We asked for feedback from our clients and their whānau about how we could improve our services. Some people told us that we need to get out of their way, and others said that they need more support from us than they currently receive.

    In September 2020, we finished making changes to how we provide support based on that customer feedback.

    We’re still listening, adapting and improving how we support injured New Zealanders.

    More information

    Find data on the claims we receive, customer feedback information, and the reach of our injury prevention programmes:

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    Last published: 5 October 2020