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Find out how to use MyACC, the fastest and easiest way to manage your ACC claim.

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    Navigating MyACC

    Once you're logged into MyACC, you'll be able to choose which claim you want to view. The first time you log into MyACC, your most recent claim will be automatically selected.

    MyACC has five main sections:

    • Timeline
    • Profile
    • Injuries
    • Supports
    • Network.


    This is the first screen you see when you log into MyACC. You can use your Timeline to see:

    • what's coming up next in your claim
    • any actions you need to take
    • actions that have happened in the past.


    This is where you can change your personal and contact information. This is so we can contact you when we need to.


    You can view information about your injuries, such as the date of the accident, diagnoses, and the accident description. You can also tell us how you're coping with your recovery, and give us consent to collect your medical and other records. From here you can also request a pre-employment check.


    You can request support such as weekly compensation, or taxis. You can:

    • view what support you've received from us
    • see when and how much weekly compensation we're going to pay you
    • tell us what hours you've worked if you've partially returned to work.


    You can access the contact details for the person or team who is managing your claim. This is so you can quickly and easily get in touch with the right person.

    Applying for weekly compensation if you can't work

    If your injury means that you're unable to work for more than a week, you may be eligible for weekly compensation. Using MyACC is the fastest way to get your payments set up.

    To apply for weekly compensation in MyACC:

    • go to the Support section
    • scroll down and click 'getting paid if I can't work'
    • then click 'apply online' under 'weekly compensation'.

    You won't be able to apply using MyACC if you've already got an application in progress, or if you've had weekly compensation for the same claim before.

    If you haven't registered to join MyACC to apply for weekly compensation and manage your injury support, fill in the online form.

    Register to join MyACC form

    Viewing your weekly compensation payments

    If you're receiving weekly compensation for your claim, you can see information about your past and upcoming payments. You'll be able to see how much and when we'll pay you on your Timeline. If you want to see more information, you can do this by clicking 'view my weekly compensation details'.

    You can also see your weekly compensation details by:

    • going to the Support section in MyACC
    • clicking the 'current support' tab
    • clicking on 'weekly compensation' under 'supports I've received'.

    Telling us if you've partially returned to work

    If you're working some hours each week, it's important that you tell us how much you've earned or how much you've worked. We can then adjust your weekly compensation payments. If you don't do this, you could end up being overpaid and having to pay us back.

    MyACC is the easiest way to tell us your return to work details. If your medical certificate says that you're able to do some work, you'll see a notification on your Timeline each Monday asking you to send us your work hours for the week. You'll only submit your hours to us once a week, but you can add your hours each day and save your application to submit at the end of the week.

    Uploading a new medical certificate

    If your medical provider has given you a medical certificate, you can send this to us using MyACC. We're able to process it faster than if you send it to us using email or post.

    If you have an existing medical certificate that is about to expire, you'll see an alert on your timeline on the date of expiry. You can upload a photo of your new medical certificate by clicking 'upload a new medical certificate'.

    If you've received weekly compensation payments for your claim, you can also upload a new medical certificate from the weekly compensation details screen.

    If we've received a new medical certificate from you or your provider and we're still processing it, you'll see a message on your Timeline. If you see this message, you don't need to contact us. Once we've processed your new medical certificate you'll see the new expiry date in MyACC.

    Applying for other support to help with your injury

    You can use MyACC to apply for the following types of support. Go to the Support section, scroll down, and click on the type of support you need.

    Prescription reimbursements

    If you've already paid for a prescription for your injury, we can pay you back for some or all of it. If your reimbursement is over $50, you'll need to upload a photo of your receipt as part of the application.


    If you need taxis to help you get to work or treatment for your injury, you can apply online using MyACC.

    Travel reimbursement

    If you need to travel using a private motor vehicle because of your injury, we may be able to reimburse you for some of the costs. You can apply for this type of reimbursement using MyACC.

    Help at home

    If your injury is making it hard for you to do things you'd normally do around the house, like tidying up, cleaning, or preparing meals, we may be able to organise someone to come to your house to help.

    Equipment to help with your injury

    If your injury is making it hard for you to do things around the house, we may be able to provide some equipment to help. These can include shower stools, over toilet frames, and equipment to help in the kitchen.

    It can take us a few working days to process a support request, and you'll see all in-progress requests in your MyACC account.

    Keeping your details up to date

    You can use MyACC to make sure that we have the right information about you and your injury. This can include including your contact details and your injury diagnosis.

    Give us feedback about MyACC

    When you're logged into MyACC, click 'contact us' and then 'give MyACC feedback'. We're always adding new functions to MyACC, and we value your input on what would be most useful for us to add next.

    Last published: 10 May 2022