Preventing injury

Te kaupare wharanga

Working with trusted partners and communities to keep you safe and prevent injuries throughout New Zealand.

Preventing injuries in your community

We work with trusted organisations to prevent injuries throughout New Zealand.

Keeping safe on the road

With our partners, we’ve created programmes to teach new drivers, motorcyclists and people on scooters how to be safe on the road.

Violence prevention

We lead and support prevention programmes to make sure young people and the people around them experience safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

Injury-free sport and recreation

We believe in the benefits of physical activity and if you do have an injury, we want you to recover well, avoid re-injury and get back to what you enjoy doing.

Staying safe from trips and falls

We’re working with partners in the health and community sector to help older people stay active, independent, and prevent falls.

Reducing traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) affect a large number of people in New Zealand. We want to create awareness and reduce the number, severity and impact of TBI.

Making treatment safer

We’re helping to make treatment safer for you. We support health professionals and encourage conversations around patient safety.

Staying safe in your home

Get tips to stay safe in and around your home.