Keeping safe on the road

With our partners, we’ve created programmes to teach new drivers, motorcyclists and people on scooters how to be safe on the road.

The number of people killed on our roads is growing. We get about 40,000 new injury claims a year from crashes on our roads.

Every year there are hundreds of people killed on our roads. Fatalities and serious injuries have risen year-on-year for the past five years, with 473 people killed or seriously injured in 2017. We expect this number to continue to rise.

Deaths and injuries from road accidents have a significant impact on families and communities. We’re working with government agencies to reduce the number and severity of these road crash injuries. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has information and resources about road safety.

NZTA – driving safely

We're also a partner in the government's Safer Journeys strategy for improving road safety by 2020. It aims to manage road safety across all elements of the system – roads, speed, safe vehicles, and use.

Safer Journeys

As part of the National Road Safety Committee, we’re the lead agency for motorcycle safety and young driver safety.

These two areas alone account for 40% of claims from road accidents, yet only make up 2% of road users.

We work with partners such as the Ministry of Transport, NZTA, NZ Police, WorkSafe, and local government to make all elements of a road journey safe. Through these initiatives, we’ve seen a reduction in the number of severe injuries.

Motorcycle and scooter safety

Only 3% of vehicles on New Zealand's roads are motorcycles, but in 2017 they made up 20% of the cost of road crashes

The risk of death or injury to a motorcyclist in a crash is 21 times higher than a car driver travelling over the same distance

Our Ride Forever programme has everything you need to know about staying safe on a motorcycle. The programme includes:

  • information about protective equipment
  • tips for maintaining your bike
  • news and events
  • updates with the latest safety technology
  • coached courses to help improve your safety skills.

Our Scooter Survival Facebook page has information about:

  • what to look out for when you buy a scooter
  • what laws you need to know
  • easy tips to maintain your scooter
  • training
  • what's happening in the scooter world.

The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council is helping us make roads safer for motorcyclists. They recommend safety initiatives for us to fund with the motorcycle safety levy.

Ride Forever – motorcycle safety
Scooter Survival NZ
Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council

Helping new drivers

Our Drive programme with NZTA helps young drivers build up their skills and confidence. New Zealanders aged 16 to 24 years make up 14% of New Zealand's driving population. They're involved in around 37% of all fatal crashes and 38% of all serious injury crashes. They're 21 times more likely to crash in the first six months of driving solo.

Drive – be a great Kiwi driver

Drive aims to give young drivers the knowledge to stay safe on the road. It has tips for getting your learner's, restricted and full licences and information if you're teaching someone else to drive. This includes:

Road code - with practice test questions
Lesson plans - with practical skills
Tool and resources for groups or in the classroom

Last published: 27 March 2019