Staying safe from trips and falls

We’re working with partners in the health and community sector to help older people stay active, independent, and prevent falls.

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    Preventing falls for people over 65  

    We know falling over isn’t part of the ageing process, and a lot of falls are preventable. We want to help you stay on your feet living the life you want to live. We're committed to reducing falls for older people in the home and community.

    We want you to remain confident, healthy and well. By improving bone health and strength and balance, you'll:

    • be more stable on your feet
    • reduce the risk of an injury such as a fracture (broken bone)
    • more likely to keep your independence
    • be able to do the things you want to do.

    That’s why we've created the Live Stronger for Longer movement to help you stay on your feet for longer. We value and recognise the contribution older people provide to our communities.

    The more you do, the more you can do

    Falls can happen, yet by keeping active, and steady on your feet, your strength increases, your balance improves, and your risk of falling and having an injury decreases. The more you do, the more you can do.

    Currently, one in seven New Zealanders are 65 and over. Around 30% to 60% of people in this age group have a fall each year. And 10% to 20% will end up in hospital with a fracture.

    Those over the age of 85 are 15 times more likely to fracture their hip in a fall than a 65-year-old. Hip fractures can have a huge impact, with 30% of those over 85 who suffer one requiring placement in aged residential care.

    Live Stronger for Longer movement and resources

    Live Stronger for Longer has become a movement among older people. It's brought to you by ACC, Health Quality and Safety Commission (HQSC), Ministry of Health, local community health providers, home carers, and community groups across the country.

    Information and advice to help you stay free from falls

    The Live Stronger for Longer website has practical information and advice on how to stay active, well and independent for over 65s and those caring for over 65s. It includes:

    • finding and joining community strength and balance classes
    • in home strength and balance classes
    • bone health treatments
    • home safety checklist
    • resources designed for over 65s.

    Live Stronger for Longer website

    Live Stronger for Longer resources

    Search, order, download and share resources.

    Live Stronger for Longer resources


    Last published: 5 February 2019