You see risky situations all around you. Have a hmmm so that you can keep things in perspective while still caring for those you love.
family walking in bush

Attentives are one of the more risk averse attitudes we were able to identify in New Zealand. Unlike the other types of risk attitude.

You like your comfort zone. It's safe. And you worry that bad things will happen to people you love. But that's OK. It shows you’re looking out for others, especially those who can't look out for themselves.

You'll make sure the tamariki are safe when they're playing at home, at school, and on holiday. You'll look out for friends, and whānau. You'll drop round for a chat with your elderly relatives because you love keeping the connection strong.

Have a hmmm to think about what will happen to them if you get injured. Because they – and lots of other people in your life – need you to look after them. If you get injured, who will keep them safe?

And don’t be shy about telling others to have a hmmm if things look a little dicey. You don’t want them getting hurt either.

Have a hmmm...
We’re starting by asking New Zealanders to do something easy: Take a moment and think of others before acting.