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You’re living life for the thrills. Have a hmmm so that you keep the adrenaline pumping.
two motorcycle riders on a corner

Life is for living and people with the excitement attitude towards risk are in it for the thrills. You love doing things that really give you a rush, so you go hard out.

But if you get injured, it’s people around you who will also feel the pain. Your mates will miss you being around, and you won’t be able to keep up with them anymore. You might lose that connection while you recover.

Have a hmmm. Think about others for a second. Like the friends who are going on that epic weekend away with you, or the workmates who need you for that big job. Like your flatmates who won’t be keen to help you get showered if you're injured.

Have a hmmm to make sure today and every day is the best it can be. That way, you can still get the adrenaline pumping every weekend.

Have a hmmm...
We’re starting by asking New Zealanders to do something easy: Take a moment and think of others before acting.