Have your say on family and sexual violence

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We are one of ten Government agencies working to eliminate family and sexual violence in New Zealand. Have your say on how we go about doing so.

A National Strategy and Action Plan was launched by the Government this month. You are encouraged to make an individual submission by:

  • Completing the online survey on Citizen Space, a safe and confidential online platform hosted by the Ministry of Justice.

  • Emailing your submission. This can be any format including voice recordings, images and video statements. Email: submissions@violencefree.govt.nz 

  • Sending a written submission. This will be forwarded in confidence to the Joint Venture Unit.

    Postal Address:

    Marama Davidson MP
    Freepost Parliament
    Private Bag 18 888
    Parliament Buildings
    Wellington 6160

The Government and Joint Venture agencies have already heard from many people, whānau, communities and organisations about what needs to change if we are to eliminate family and sexual violence.

Find further information on the National Strategy and Action Plan to eliminate family and sexual violence.

Violence free New Zealand - have your say.

Sexual violence in New Zealand 

Sexual violence is a significant problem within New Zealand. At least 25% of women and 9% of men experience sexual violence during their lifetime, much of which starts during childhood. Those who experience or witness any form of violence as children are more likely to be a victim again or abuse others as adults. 

The focus of ACC is on primary prevention – that's preventing violence and harm from happening in the first place. There's significant evidence that investing earlier in the key developmental life stages of children and young people can have a long-term impact on children, whānau, communities and society.   

Prevention programmes we support include Mates & Dates and Atu-Mai. 

Support for people who have experienced sexual violence

We've created a fully-funded and immediate service for people who've experienced sexual violence. There's also help available for their family and whānau.

Find Support website

Submission timeline

The engagement period for the National Strategy and Action Plan to eliminate family and sexual violence will end on 30 June, so have your say now.