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Looking after your personal data

Tiakina ō raraunga whaiaro
19 June 2018
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Collecting data is a normal part of our day to day business and enables us to deliver services to you. Read more about how we collect and use data.

Collecting personal data is a normal part of being able to deliver our service to you. For example, we need your personal data so we can pay you quickly if you’ve had an accident or to remind you when it’s time to pay your levy. 

But we totally understand how important it is for us to be transparent with you about how and why we use your data.  

We treat your data as carefully as if it's our own.

How we use your data

We’re also constantly maintaining and improving the systems and processes we use to look after your data. We’re increasingly using our customers’ data to understand how to improve our services and ultimately provide you with better care should you need it.

We’re doing this because New Zealanders have told us they want it to be easier and faster to work with us. 

We’re guided by all-of-government principles such as the Data Futures Partnership’s work and Statistics New Zealand and the Privacy Commissioner’s ‘Principles for the safe and effective use of data and analytics’. 

Data Futures Partnership website

Principles for the safe and effective use of data and analytics

Government work on public sector use of data

The government is working on several initiatives to ensure overall transparency and standards for the public sector’s use of customer data. 

Social Development Minister, Carmel Sepuloni, asked the Social Investment Agency to seek New Zealanders’ views on how best to use peoples’ personal data.

This work will result in a policy that guides when, how and why personal data is collected, used and shared for social service delivery. 

Investing for social wellbeing – your voice, your data, your say on social wellbeing – media release, Hon Carmel Sepuloni 

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