Moving ahead on changes for improved service for injured Kiwis

6 December 2018
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We're making changes to improve your experience with us.

Earlier this year we sought feedback from our people on a range of possible changes to the way we do things to improve our customers’ experience with us.

Following a period of consultation, we’ve decided to move ahead with these changes.

Improving your care and recovery

The changes will deliver tailored care to support your individual needs, and make it easier for you to access our services – from direct one-on-one support through to self-service options dependent on your recovery needs.

Our Chief Operating Officer Mike Tully says our services need to change to better support our clients. "We’re working with our people to change the way we’re organised, and how support services get delivered. This will improve the care and recovery services we provide for New Zealanders. To deliver these benefits, we need to change the way we work, and where we do this work."

What this means in practice

Currently, we have teams of people working in multiple locations responsible for specific types of high volume work. In the future, we'll move this through to five regional hubs. These hubs will be in  Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin and will provide services to clients across the country.

Some services that support customer recovery on a one-to-one basis will be delivered from more locations than they are currently.

None of our ACC locations will close as part of this approach, and we'll still be available for face to face contact.

We’ll also be spending more time in local communities, offering customers the flexibility to meet with us on their terms, rather than expecting them to always travel to our offices.

The new service model has been trialled in our Hamilton site for the last year and more recently Hawke’s Bay. One of those clients whose claim was managed through the test site was Brent McArthur from Hastings.

How this affects our employees

The next stage of the process is considering how these new ways of working will impact on individual roles and jobs for our people.

Changes will be phased in gradually over 2019-2020 to minimise the impact on our people – and our customers.

“We recognise that change can be difficult, and our priority is on supporting our people through the process,” said Mike.

“We work with two million customers every year, we’ve listened to their feedback and are changing to meet their expectations. It’s about improving our support and subsequently health outcomes for customers, significantly improving their experience of ACC, and doing things in a more efficient way.”

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