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Privacy when you use our site

When you visit this website, we’ll collect statistical information. Any personal information you provide will be kept private.

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    Collection, storage and use of personal information

    You can use the site without disclosing any personal information.

    You may choose to disclose personal information to us when you give feedback through submission forms or if you’re ordering resources. We'll keep that personal information secure. This information can be viewed by site administrators, certain ACC staff and sometimes third-party contractors who administer or work on the site, or who work on special projects with us. We don't share this personal information with any other third parties.

    We don't collect visitor information from other sources, such as public records.

    Please don't send us sensitive personal information or include any sensitive personal information in submission forms.

    Holding of information

    If you provide personal information, it’s held by ACC. Unless required by law, or authorised by the person concerned, we won't publicise the names or email addresses of individuals who provide feedback or submission forms to us.

    Use of personal information

    We'll only use personal information provided to us by way of this site for:

    • administering, evaluating and improving the site
    • improving our services
    • communicating with you, including responding to your feedback and information provided in submission forms.


    Feedback is important and we use it to evaluate and improve the site. If you provide feedback by email or by using the feedback form, that feedback is sent to appropriate ACC staff. We may pass on relevant comments to other people within ACC who administer or contribute content to the site. This could include your email address and other identifying information that you've provided.

    Submission forms

    If you provide us with a submission form, that submission form is sent to appropriate ACC staff. We may pass on relevant content from that submission form to other people within ACC, other government agencies or third parties who administer or are participating in the particular project or consultation that the submission form relates to. This could include your email address and other identifying information that you provide. 

    Relevant legislation

    Section 279 of the Accident Compensation Act 2001
    The Information Privacy Principles

    Statistical information we collect

    We may collect statistical information about your visit to our websites to help us improve it. This information doesn’t identify individuals and makes use of cookies. You may turn off cookies at any time.

    We use Google Analytics to collect and analyse details about the use of our websites. The information Google Analytics collects includes:

    • the first three parts of the IP address of your device
    • the pages accessed on our site and the links clicked on
    • the date and time the site was visited
    • the referring site (if any) through which you clicked through to this site
    • the operating system, eg Windows 7 or Mac OSX on the device used
    • the type of web browser used, eg Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
    • other incidental information such as screen resolution and the language setting used
    • demographic data including age group, and interest categories – this does not include any personally identifiable information (PII). 

    Cookies policy

    We use third-party vendor re-marketing tracking cookies, including Google Adwords tracking cookie. This means we will continue to show you ads when you use other websites across the internet, specifically the Google Content Network (GCN).

    Third-party vendors, including Google AdWords Remarketing, allows us to tailor our marketing to only display ads that are relevant to you, based on your past visits to our website or any of our sub-domains.

    Cookies include a unique number. They do not contain personal data. We cannot use cookies to identify you personally. Nor can cookies be used to recognise you on other websites.

    When you are signed into your Google Account, Google can collect your demographic information based on your settings and web activity. Some websites also provide Google with demographic information you may have shared with them, such as social networking sites.

    For people who aren't signed into their Google Account, they will sometimes estimate your demographic information based on your activity from Google properties or the Display Network. For example, when people browse YouTube or sites on the Display Network, Google may store an identifier in their web browser, using a 'cookie'. That browser may be associated with certain demographic categories, based on sites that were visited.

    Use of statistical information

    The data is collected and stored on the Google server and is viewable by authorised staff as detailed in their privacy policy. We may share this information with other government agencies.

    How Google uses data when you use their partners' sites or apps

    Information we collect when you log in

    We collect information when you log in to our online services eg MyACC and MyACC for Business. This information helps us identify any unusual attempts to log in to your accounts. We’ll only use it to prompt you for more information to reconfirm your identity and to improve the service.

    The information we collect includes:

    • your IP address
    • the date and time you visit the site
    • your operating system (eg Windows, Mac)
    • the type of web browser you use (eg Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).
    • your country inferred from your IP address.

    Check and correct the information we have about you

    If you want to check personal information we have about you:

    1. Contact us

    To request access or a change to your information, contact:

    Phone 04 816 7400
    Email information@acc.co.nz

    2. Confirm your identity

    You may need to verify your identity before we can give you access to this information. This could be by answering some questions or showing a photo ID at a local branch. 

    3. We'll send you the information

    We'll send you a copy of the personal information we keep about you within a month. This is free of charge.

    If the information we have is incorrect

    If you have accessed your information and it's incorrect, you can ask us to change it. 

    1. Contact us

    To request access or a change to your information, contact:

    Phone 04 816 7400
    Email information@acc.co.nz

    2. We’ll respond and check your information

    We’ll let you know when we’ve received your request. We’ll check your information with the original author. 

    3. We’ll contact you with our decision

    If we’re holding incorrect information we’ll:  

    • update the information on your file 
    • send any changes to third parties that received incorrect information  
    • let you know that we’ve made the change. 

    If we can’t make the change you’ve requested, we’ll: 

    • contact you and explain why we can’t make the change  
    • you can choose to provide a written statement of correction, which we’ll add to your file. This statement shows that you requested a change to your information, but that we haven’t made the change 
    • send the statement of correction to third parties who recently received the information
    • contact you to let you know what we’ve done.

    This usually happens if there’s opinion-based information eg a medical assessment.

    Contact us

    To request access or a change to your information, contact:

    Phone 04 816 7400
    Email information@acc.co.nz

    If you have a question or concern about privacy, contact:

    The Privacy Officer
    Accident Compensation Corporation
    PO Box 242
    Wellington 6011

    Phone 04 816 7400
    Email Privacy.Officer@acc.co.nz

    Last published: 21 January 2022