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Accessing and correcting your personal information

We collect information you provide when you make a claim or pay levies. You can access the information we hold about you and ask us to correct any errors.

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    How to request access to your personal information

    You can use our online tool to request access to:

    • your personal information
    • someone else's personal information if you have the correct authority

    Use our request access to personal information tool

    If we don't give access to your personal information

    We’ll refuse access to your personal information if we can't verify your identity or any of the following legislation applies:

    Sections 51-53 of the Privacy Act 2020

    Requesting official information

    If you request official information and personal or health information at the same time, we'll respond with separate replies for official information and the personal or health information.

    How to request a correction to your personal information

    1. Contact us

    If you have accessed your personal information and it's incorrect, you can request us to change it.

    See our contact details

    2. We’ll respond and check our information

    We’ll let you know when we have received your request and have started checking your information with the original author.

    3. We’ll contact you with our decision

    If we’re holding factually incorrect information we’ll:

    • update the information on the your file
    • send the corrected information to any third party who may have received the incorrect information
    • let you know that we’ve made the change.

    Sometimes we may not be able to make the change you’ve requested. This is usually because it relates to opinion-based information eg a medical assessment. If this is the case we’ll:

    • contact you and explain why we can’t make the change
    • you can choose to provide a written statement of correction, which we’ll add to your file. This statement shows that you requested a change to your information, but that we haven’t made the change
    • send a new copy of the information with the statement of correction attached to any third party who has recently received the original information
    • contact you to let you know what we’ve done.

    Contact us

    Business contact centre
    Phone 0800 222 776
    Email business@acc.co.nz

    Claims contact centre
    Phone 0800 101 996
    Email claims@acc.co.nz

    Provider contact centre
    Phone 0800 222 070
    Email providerhelp@acc.co.nz

    Last published: 1 December 2020