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Carlton is loaded onto a rescue helicopter
Freak snowboarding accident doesn’t deter a return to the mountain
When snowboarder Carlton Johnstone dismounted from a chairlift, he hit an icy patch and fell hard. Within hours he had surgery to fix a fracture to his hip.
3 September 2020
5 minute read
Two doctors talking sepsis
Working together to treat and prevent sepsis
World Sepsis Day, on 13 September, is an opportunity to raise awareness of a disease which affects more than 1 in 100 people in New Zealand every year.
14 September 2020
2 minute read
Colleagues talking
We’re celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Māori
Our people are joining the Te Wiki o te Reo Māori celebrations by using and learning to kōrero (speak) in te reo.
11 September 2020
2 minute read
Young girl gardening
Our commitment to achieving zero emissions by 2050
Under our new climate change policy, we'll reduce our own corporate emissions, and decarbonise our investments.
17 June 2020
4 minute read
Board room table
New appointment to ACC Board Investment Committee
Stephen Montgomery begins his three-year term on the ACC Board Investment Committee on 15 June.
10 June 2020
1 minute read
Man kneeling over tool bag and using tablet
Easing the COVID-19 burden on businesses
We're giving firms more time and flexibility in making their levy payments this year to provide relief to businesses coping with the impact of COVID-19.
17 April 2020
2 minute read
Football goalie preparing to stop a goal
Don’t be like the NFL: How to go from lockdown fitness to high-intensity match fitness
Pre-season training for winter sports didn’t go as planned for anyone this year. Here are some tips to get your performance peaking.
5 June 2020
4 minute read
A person does a push up
Seven tips to keep your home workout injury-free and fun
With gyms and fitness centres closed, more people are working up a sweat from home. Here are some tips to do it safely during bubble life.
17 April 2020
4 minute read
A row of weights in a gym
Spike in minor gym injuries could be a good thing
For the first time, gym training is contributing to more injuries than any other sport. However, the exercise benefits are likely to outweigh the risks.
3 February 2020
5 minute read
Motorcyclists take a curve on the road
Kiwis avoided road crashes during lockdown but need to take care as roads get busy again
After several weeks off the road, Peter Daly has found his skills back on his motorbike aren't flash.
14 May 2020
3 minute read
Graphic of holding hands in a heart shape
Could talking with your kids during lockdown about sex improve NZ’s sexual violence record?
Having a talk with your children about sex and consent may be awkward, but it’s all part of creating a nation of people who care about others, says Emma Powell.
1 May 2020
5 minute read
People sitting on beach
Two sides to the great Kiwi summer
We're kicking off a public awareness campaign focusing on water safety and sport. Our Chief Customer Officer explains why water safety is so close to her heart.
13 January 2020
3 minute read
Image of Ephraim Gudgeon
Journey from back injury to professional bodybuilder
Ephraim Gudgeon leaped off a 35-metre waterfall, fracturing his spine. He says nothing about his life has changed, except becoming a professional bodybuilder.
13 January 2020
4 minute read
White Island newsroom
Support to victims of the Whakaari/White Island eruption
If you've been injured or have lost a loved one to the Whakaari/White Island eruption, we're here to help.
10 December 2019
4 minute read
Image of surgeons
Surgical mesh report: ACC taking action to improve client experience and health outcomes
We're taking a number of actions to improve the experience and health outcomes for people treated with surgical mesh.
12 December 2019
3 minute read