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Man in treehouse
Building a treehouse? Or rebuilding your life?
Injuries can happen wherever we are - at home, in the community and at work. We help prevent injuries and provide care and support if things go wrong.
23 November 2020
2 minute read
Nick Cornish oboe
Nick's story: From hitting rock bottom to hitting the high notes
Nick Cornish lost the ability to play his beloved oboe after he flew head-first off a mountain bike, breaking his neck. Now, he's back performing on stage.
17 November 2020
5 minute read
Kelly playing Netball for Wellington Pulse. Image credit: Blake Weston
Netballer bounces back from double dislocation
Kelly Jury's netball career took a hit when she was injured. Now fully recovered she doesn't want the same injury happening to anyone.
23 November 2020
2 minute read
Bailley Unahi ski
Bailley's story: Flying high after devastating balcony collapse
Bailley Unahi’s young life changed forever when a balcony fell on her, but it didn’t stop her setting new life goals.
19 October 2020
5 minute read
Sarah Strong profile
Sarah’s story: Breaking the silence on rape
Sarah suffered sexual assault as a child. She’s now broken her silence so that others will know help is always available.
26 October 2020
5 minute read
Ian Winson floats on his back in a swimming pool.
Ian's story: How I lost my legs and found freedom
Though things looked bleak after a deadly explosion, Ian Winson didn't let it dampen his determination, or dictate his future.
29 September 2020
6 minute read
Pacifica woman playing with child
We're reassessing declined surgical mesh claims based on new medical evidence
We're committed to improving the claims experience and health outcomes of those treated with surgical mesh.
28 October 2020
3 minute read
Womens rugby sprint
Increased RugbySmart investment looks to create positive social change
We're increasing our investment in the RugbySmart programme to $9.3 million over the next five years.
9 October 2020
5 minute read
acc hamilton
ACC and Tainui Group Holdings break ground on new ACC centre in Hamilton
Today marked the start of construction of a new home for ACC in Hamilton.
29 September 2020
3 minute read
Netballer throwing ball
Keeping netball players in the game: We’re renewing our NetballSmart partnership
We're continuing our partnership with Netball NZ to lessen the rate of injuries on the netball court. Our investment will grow to $3.6m in the next three years.
17 November 2020
3 minute read
Rhys Bennett kicking a rugby ball
Overcoming injury to play 200 premier rugby games
A serious rugby injury left one player in a world of pain, but through careful rehabilitation, he went on to play over 200 premier games for his club.
16 November 2020
5 minute read
Two touch rugby players
Dynamic warm-up gets your body touch-fit
As the touch rugby season kicks off, keep up your dynamic warm-ups so that you perform at your best, and stay injury-free all season.
13 November 2020
4 minute read
Motorcyclists take a curve on the road
Kiwis avoided road crashes during lockdown but need to take care as roads get busy again
After several weeks off the road, Peter Daly has found his skills back on his motorbike aren't flash.
14 May 2020
3 minute read
Graphic of holding hands in a heart shape
Could talking with your kids during lockdown about sex improve NZ’s sexual violence record?
Having a talk with your children about sex and consent may be awkward, but it’s all part of creating a nation of people who care about others, says Emma Powell.
1 May 2020
5 minute read
People sitting on beach
Two sides to the great Kiwi summer
We're kicking off a public awareness campaign focusing on water safety and sport. Our Chief Customer Officer explains why water safety is so close to her heart.
13 January 2020
3 minute read