Topical statistics


Topical statistics

Find statistics for topical events. Currently, you can find festive season and e-scooter injury stats on this page.

  • Festive season injury claims:
    • Active costs of all claims for the holiday period.
    • New claims by year for holiday days.
    • Actives costs by holiday day.
    • New claims by injury type for the holiday period.
    • Festive-related injuries by keyword.
    • Summer-related activities for the holiday period.
  • E-scooter injury claims:
    • Active costs of e-scooter related injuries since launch in October 2018.
    • New claims from e-scooter related injuries, by month since launch.
    • New e-scooter related injury claims by region, since launch.
  • Caveats to this data.

Festive season injury claims

Our 2019/20 summer holiday stats show that New Year's Day has the most injuries and lumbar sprains were the most common injury in this time period.

We looked at the main holiday period of 21 December to 10 January, and included injuries on the key days, festive related injuries using keywords, and summer activities.

Injuries with descriptions relating to festive keywords include:

  • Christmas decoration
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas gift or wrap
  • choking
  • turkey or ham
  • Christmas food
  • alcohol
  • fireworks
  • BBQ
  • Church
  • Hangi.

Summer-related activities include:

  • watersports
  • cycling
  • fitness training or gym
  • jogging
  • falls in the home
  • DIY
  • gardening
  • ladders
  • steps or stairs
  • animal related
  • lifting, carrying or strains.
2019/20 injury costs
The cost of all active claims for the full holiday period of 21 December to 10 January.

By year

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Holiday day Cost of active claims for 2019/20
Christmas Eve $5,042,012
Christmas Day $3,998,377
Boxing Day $4,883,735
New Year's Eve $5,209,598
New Year's Day $4,825,935

By injury type

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Festive-related injuries

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Summer-related activities

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Water-related injury claims

Last year, we helped over 27,000 people recover from a water-related injury.

2019/20 injury costs
The cost of all active claims for water-related injuries from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020.

All water-related injuries by financial year

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Type of water-related claim

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E-scooter injury claims

E-scooters launched in New Zealand in October 2018.

Find our safety tips for e-scooting on our article from when they first launched in Wellington:

E-scooters: Wellington city it's your turn

Injury costs
Total cost of all active claims since launch of e-scooters in NZ to 30 November 2020.

By month

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E-scooter, by region

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'New' claims are counted in the calendar year they were lodged.

'Active' claims have had a payment made on them during that year. Active claims may have been lodged in a different calendar year and can be counted across multiple years.

'Costs' don't include payments made for acute treatment in public hospitals.

A client's age may differ between lodgement date and accident date.

'Region' is based on where the accident happened.

The data was extracted at a point in time and may change if re-run later.