ACC extends support for construction sector safety

Three construction workers standing together and looking up at a building site.

We’re pleased to have extended our partnership with Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) with the aim of reducing workplace injuries and deaths in the construction sector.

A charitable trust, Construction Health and Safety New Zealand was formed in 2018 to improve the lives of construction workers by raising health and safety standards across the industry.

Injury and fatality rates have been consistently high over the past decade and 37 people have sadly died on our building sites in the last five years, making construction sites among the deadliest workplaces in New Zealand.

This is a key reason why ACC entered into a five-year partnership with CHASNZ in 2020, allowing an increase in industry-led efforts to improve health, safety and wellbeing outcomes for construction workers.

Funding of this partnership has now been extended for another three years, with ACC backing CHASNZ with further support.

“We want all our construction workers to go home safe and well at the end of each day,” says Virginia Burton-Konia, Workplace Injury Prevention Manager for ACC.

“So we’re supporting CHASNZ to continue the great progress they’ve made in the construction sector,” she adds.

“While the number of workers in the sector has grown significantly over the past three years, claims have not increased at the same rate. It’s highly probable that CHASNZ has been a key influencer and contributor to this positive trend.

“By funding CHASNZ for an additional three years, they will be able to continue the momentum created over the past few years.”

Workers talking inside a building that's being constructed.

We want all our construction workers to go home safe and well at the end of each day.
- ACC Workplace Injury Prevention Manager Virginia Burton-Konia

Making our construction sites safer

CHASNZ chief executive Chris Alderson is grateful for the continued support and says it will prove invaluable in making our construction sites safer across the motu.

“We welcome the continued investment in reducing harm across the sector and would like to thank ACC for their confidence in our work programmes,” he says.

“This ACC backing allows us to focus on the needs of the most vulnerable people on our worksites and, in partnership with industry, will ensure that physical, mental and financial harm to individuals, whānau, business and wider community is reduced.

“CHASNZ and ACC’s strategic intent is for a thriving construction industry where good work generates a sustainable future for all.”

A group of construction workers walking into a building site.

More information

For more information on the Construction Health and Safety New Zealand Trust and how they’re helping make our construction sites safer, please visit their website.

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