Bringing Māori ingenuity to the forefront of ACC

Kia noho te auahatanga o te Māori ki mua i te aroaro o ACC
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To help us better serve our Māori customers, we’re seeking panellists for our Māori Customer Advisory Panel.

Applications for this panel closed on 27 August 2019. You’ll soon be able to find information about the panel and its members on our website.

Māori Customer Advisory Panel

Our Māori Customer Advisory Panel 

Karanga mai e te iwi!

We’re now processing applications for our Māori Customer Advisory Panel, which will help to bring Māori ingenuity to the forefront of ACC.

The panel’s aim is to enhance our suite of service options available for Māori. Through their work, the panel will advise on the strengths of a variety of kaupapa Māori initiatives and ideas.

We need panellists who:

  • are currently injured and receiving support from ACC
  • are enthusiastic, committed to and capable in kaupapa Māori
  • can provide a young adult perspective.

The Māori Customer Advisory Panel is an important part of Whāia Te Tika, our Māori strategy. This initiative is managed by our Māori and Cultural Capability team.

Better serving our Māori customers

We’ve recently completed a pilot to explore how our Whāia Te Tika strategy can be implemented in our branches to create better outcomes for our Māori clients.

Kaupapa Māori principles have been integrated into the pilot to help set the tone of what we want to achieve. These principles help to encourage staff participation, engagement, curiosity, learning, and genuine application.

This project has the potential to build cultural intelligence amongst branch staff to:

  • engage better with Māori clients
  • be aware and understand the reality of Māori and Non-Māori within their local community
  • identify strengths and areas of opportunity to implement Whāia Te Tika at a branch level
  • be aware of and activate the levers that bring out the strengths of Māori, so that they can advocate to whānau about what ACC offers.

Being on the panel

The panellists will be paid for their time and expertise. They'll contribute to our focus to be a committed partner with Māori and their whānau. Together, we’ll respond to Māori needs, expectations, and aspirations.

Our hope is to minimise the incidence and impact of injury for Māori.

How to apply

Applications for the panel closed on 27 August 2019. You will soon be able to find more information about our panel members on our website.

Māori Customer Advisory Panel

We appreciate all applicants who expressed interest in having their voices heard as part of our panel. Ngā mihi.

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