Caring for survivors of sexual abuse and assault

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More survivors of sexual abuse and assault have been reaching out for support. We’re changing the way we work to better meet their needs.

Where to get help

If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual abuse or assault, you can get help through our Sensitive Claims Unit, Find Support, or Safe to Talk.

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Supporting survivors of sexual abuse or assault

The number of claims we've received from survivors of sexual abuse or assault has doubled over the last five years.

Greater public awareness of sexual violence, and easier access to support services, has contributed to this increase.

Other influences include media coverage on sexual violence, and the #MeToo movement. These and other societal trends and conversations are changing attitudes towards sexual violence.

In response to the growing number of survivors accessing our services, we've increased the number of providers we work with to ensure survivors get the right kind of help to support their individual recovery needs.

We're also changing the way we work at ACC to ensure we can better meet those needs.

We want to ensure the fastest possible, holistic, and tailored support to the thousands of survivors and their whānau we support each year.

The rising number of sensitive claims

We refer to claims following sexual abuse or assault as sensitive claims.

Between 2014 and 2018, the number of sensitive claims increased by almost 100%.

In 2014 we received

sensitive claims.

In 2018 we received

sensitive claims.

In that same time, the number of providers we work with to support survivors of sexual abuse and assault also more than doubled, and continues to increase.

This year alone, we've received almost 6,000 claims (as at 20 July).

We're pleased that more New Zealanders are accessing support. It means they’re getting the right help when they need it.

To help more effectively manage the increase in sensitive claims, we're changing the way our specialised sensitive claims team operates.

How we'll continue to help those who need us

We're increasing the number of our specialised staff who work with survivors, and with the therapists and other providers who support them.

We’re expanding our team and setting up dedicated specialist support that will operate from eight locations across New Zealand.

We've also created a flexible working model to better meet our clients’ needs, to ensure a better client experience and to provide a more consistent service to our clients.

And we'll continue to have strong controls around privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

More information

If you have experienced or are supporting someone who has experienced sexual abuse, you can find more information on our Find Support website.

Find Support

Safe to Talk

Phone 0800 735 566


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