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Creating a new ACC Research Ethics Committee

Te whakatū i tētahi kōmiti hou mō te rangahau matatika ki ACC
20 November 2018
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We're looking to broaden the scope of our current ACC Research Ethics Community.

We’re looking to broaden the scope of our current ACC Research Ethics Committee. We want to reflect the large increase in non-research projects that need ethical consideration. 

We’re looking for up to five external members (ie who do not work for ACC) who have a strong interest in ethical principles. They’ll bring a broad perspective when applying these principles to varied projects. We’re also looking for at least one member to have a deep understanding of advanced analytics, on top of a strong interest in ethical principles. 

Ethical oversight at ACC 

We’re continually looking to improve our services for our customers. To do this we design, test, deliver, and fund a wide range of customer and business-focussed initiatives. 

These initiatives are hugely diverse. They cover injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services, and customer feedback. They also include customer experience, and implementing new technologies including advanced analytics. 

We need to ensure these projects are ethically sound. 

Who uses our data 

We have substantial and rich data that we use to enhance the services we provide to our customers. This data helps us to anticipate their needs. 
External organisations and researchers also seek this data, and we only share information for specific purposes, subject to legislation. As responsible stewards of our customers’ data, it’s important that we maintain ethical oversight of our data sharing.

Joining the committee

If you’re interested in joining the ACC Research Ethics Committee, please download these resources. 

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