Five expert knife tips from a Kiwi chef


We asked a Kiwi chef for their top tips on using a knife and avoiding any unwanted pinky injuries.

There's been a lot of hype about knives lately. And more than a few New Zealanders have got themselves a new set.

We've even had a few people asking us whether we’ve seen an increase in injury claims.

In December alone, 1,764 people sliced and diced more than they expected. These injuries have come at the cost of over a million dollars, which is some pretty expensive vegetable chopping.

Certain things can cause a few more injuries when having to chop them – we're looking at you avocados.

So we asked a knife expert – a chef – for their top tips for not cutting yourself.

Here's five tips from a Kiwi chef:

  1. Always cut away from yourself.

    Self-explanatory, really.
  2. Always use the right knife for the job.

    Use the right one for what you're cutting - a meat knife probably won't cut your bread very well anyway...
  3. Square off whatever you're cutting so you're resting it on a flat surface.

    A simple slip of a tomato could result in a cut finger instead.
  4. Don't cut anything frozen.

    Your hands will go numb and you won't notice a cut.
  5. Keep your knives sharp.

    You'll be able to cut all the things! For keeping them sharp, it's best to use a sharpening stone or water stone. But if you have a steel, don't get fancy with it – stand it straight up and down on a chopping board and drag the knife down and towards you. The knife should make a V with the steel.

Most importantly, keep those knives away from precious little youngsters.

And remember, most injuries can be prevented by simply slowing down, thinking about the risks, and pacing yourself.

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