Great rides deserve great riders

Every motorcyclist will get more enjoyment and performance from their bikes with a Ride Forever course.

New Zealand has some of the most scenic rides in the world, and great on-road skills are needed to get the most enjoyment from riding them. Ride Forever can give all motorcyclists the skills to get the most out of every ride.

Ride Forever on-road coaching is available nationally, with a range of courses available from beginners through to the most experienced motorcyclists.

Each course gives riders the skills and knowledge to get the most out of every ride.

  • Urban Commuter is great for new riders and offers more control and confidence in urban situations.
  • The Bronze course is ideal for riders on their learner licence who are preparing for the restricted licence, and helps practice skills, increase confidence and better understand their bike’s capabilities.   
  • The Silver course is designed for those for those who want to learn the skills to reach their full licences and is ideal for returning riders who have had a break from riding.  
  • The Gold course is great for those experienced riders wanting to get the most out of their bike and hone their riding skills and techniques.  

Avalon Biddle, the first woman to win New Zealand’s Supersport 600 title, has completed Bronze and Silver Ride Forever courses to build on her already amazing bike skills.

"I've been riding motorcycles nearly my whole life, but there was still so much to learn at the Ride Forever courses," she says.

"I particularly noted how taking different lines, and your position on the road, can make a huge difference to being seen.

"There is a lot a rider can do to keep themselves safe on the roads. I think we are quick to blame other road users for mishaps, but in reality there is a lot that is in our control," she says.

"Ride Forever courses really do help put that control back in the hands of the rider."

Avalon is one of over 25,000 riders who have completed a Ride Forever course. These riders are 27% less likely to crash and have a motorcycle-related injury claim with us, evidence shows.

Ride Forever coaching is funded by the Motorcycle Safety Levy and is one of our injury prevention programmes to help New Zealanders stay injury-free.

What else can you expect from a course?

  • It’s all about getting more out of your bike, to enjoy that flow and the freedom even more.
  • You’ll learn to navigate everything on the road: cars, gravel, cornering, braking, road positioning, surface appraisal and more.
  • You’ll brake with more force than you could ever have imagined.
  • You’ll be coached by the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches in New Zealand.

Get the most out of every ride.

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