How to get more control over your Work levy

Me pēhea te āta whakarite i tō nama ā-Mahi
9 September 2019
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Businesses that pay more than $10,000 in ACC Work Account levies per year could cut their levy by improving health and safety practices now.

We're making changes to Experience Rating so a business' Work levy will better reflect its health and safety performance.

Experience Rating is part of the calculation we make to determine ACC Work levies. It's the part of the levy where we consider a business' claims and return to work performance.

We apply an Experience Rating adjustment when a business, or business group, pays a Work Account levy of $10,000 or more for three years in a row.

To be part of Experience Rating in 2021, your business, or business group, would have paid an ACC Work Account levy of $10,000 or more during 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Changes we’re making

The changes we’re introducing will allow a business to have more control of the levy it pays.

The levy a business pays could go up or down depending on the health and safety performance of its workplace.

Any improvements a business makes to its health and safety practice could influence the likelihood of receiving a discount on its levy. But, if a business’ health and safety performance isn’t up to scratch, the levy could increase. For businesses who are grouped together due to common ownership - a business group - the group will need to lift performance to influence the levy.

The key changes we’re making include:

  • reducing the influence of older claims on the Experience Rating adjustment
  • removing the ‘Industry Modifier’, so the Work levy more closely reflects a business', or business group’s, claims and return to work performance
  • making it easier for more businesses to access larger discounts
  • applying discounts or loadings in increments.

We want all workplaces in New Zealand to be as safe as possible. The changes we’re making aim to encourage Experience Rated businesses to ensure the health and safety of their people is even more of a priority. They also reflect our conversations with Kiwi businesses on how we can make Experience Rating better.

The changes will come into effect with government approval of the new Experience Rating regulations in early 2020. But we’re letting businesses know now because the changes will affect the calculation of the 2020/21 levy. Any health and safety improvements made now could start affecting the levy from 2021/22 and beyond.

You can read more about the Experience Rating changes and how it’s calculated under our business updates.

We’re improving Experience Rating for businesses

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