Improving how our clients receive payments

Te whakapai ake i ngā tukanga whiwhi pūtea mā ngā kiritaki
21 May 2019
1 minute read

We’ve been busy making improvements to how you receive ACC payments when injured.

Each year we arrange weekly compensation for around 100,000 people and pay out over $1 billion in compensation.

We’ve been busy making improvements to streamline our client payments system as part of our client transformation journey.

The new system is already in effect. You may notice some changes:

  • you can tell us when and how you want to be paid, as well how you want payment notifications either by post, email or none if you prefer as you can self-serve on MyACC
  • we can now fast track payments. If you need an urgent payment, we can do so within a couple of hours if we have all the information we need
  • MyACC and your payment notification will display what your future payments will be
  • employers no longer need to fill out ACC03 for injured employees in most cases. We can get your earnings information directly from Inland Revenue for income details.

The new system allows more customisation for you, less paperwork for employers and faster processing for us.

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