We're improving outcomes for survivors of sexual violence

taylor hernandez NK N6coeI5Y unsplash

This month we hosted an online hui to address issues with supporting sexual violence survivors.

On 16 December, we hosted an online hui with a range of stakeholders to canvas the issues we are collectively facing in the delivery of support for survivors of sexual violence through the Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC). 

We had approximately 90 providers, suppliers, client advocates and representatives from Professional Bodies and Government agencies join us to discuss the challenges, as well as the opportunities to work together to improve outcomes for survivors of sexual violence.

The hui was the first important step to start to surface the challenges we face and is the first in what will be a series of engagements being planned for 2022 and beyond.

Through the first hui the following key questions were identified:

  • How can we look more broadly at what services can be offered to clients who are seeking support from ACC, or on a waitlist, before they are able to engage with a therapist?
  • How can we streamline the supported assessment process and other assessment processes to make it more client led, and make better use of providers time, so they can spend more time on supporting clients?
  • How can we ensure there are services available for everyone, including Kaupapa Māori, Pacifica, the rainbow community, men, and people’s intersectionality?
  • How can we raise awareness about what support and entitlements ACC offers, so clients and providers know what is available?
  • How can we increase the capacity of the workforce to meet the growing demand for services?

Continuing important conversations

We want to continue these conversations to be clear on the challenges we collectively face in the delivery of support for people with a sensitive claim, and then start to look at what we can do together to address these challenges.

Early in the new year, we will have a dedicated page on the ACC website for you to keep up to date with changes and improvements in this space.

In the meantime, you can contact us at ISSCevolution@acc.co.nz if you have any questions or queries.