Casey's life was changed in a moment

5 September 2019
1 minute read

Today is World Spinal Cord Injury Day. It’s the kind of injury that changes life forever.

Casey is determined not to let her injury hold her back from living life to the fullest and helping other people with spinal cord injuries.

"I’ve been doing motocross for so long, we do stupid stuff all the time. I never, ever would imagine me or anyone I know to have a serious accident and be in a wheelchair.”

When life changes in a moment

We worked with Attitude to produce a short video series about how life can suddenly take a different direction to what we plan.

For these eight people, the change was drastic. In this series they share the experiences that ultimately changed their lives forever.

Attitude - Changed in a Moment

More information and resources on spinal cord injuries can be found on the NZ Spinal Trust website.

NZ Spinal Trust

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