Our statistics

Our statistics

Find statistics on customer experience feedback, reach of injury prevention programmes, and how many claims we accept.

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Topical statistics

Find statistics for topical events. Currently, you can find lockdown and fireworks injury related stats on this page.

Home and community

Find statistics on injury claims relating to injuries at home or falls.

Sport and recreation

Find statistics on injury claims for injuries that happened while playing sport.

Road injury statistics

Find statistics on injury claims for accidents that happened on the road.

Work injury statistics

Find statistics on ACC claims for injuries that happened at work.

Customer experience feedback

We seek customer feedback and collect data on customer experience. This helps us improve the service we provide to everyone in New Zealand.

Injury prevention programmes

We collect data on how many people our injury prevention programmes reach. This helps us monitor them and know how effective they are.

Injury claim statistics

We collect data on all claims we receive. This includes how many claims we accept, where the injury happened, and how quickly we accept a claim for an injury.