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Mā ngā pakihi

Find out about the levies you pay, cover options, invoicing, and ways to pay. More about managing workplace injuries and workplace health and safety.

If you've received an invoice from us

When you file a tax return Inland Revenue passes your details on to us. We then invoice you for levies. This happens whether you're self-employed or have staff.

Paying levies

Find out how to pay your levy invoice, calculate your levies, and change the type of cover you’re on so you have more control over how much you pay.

Choosing the best cover option

Find out what cover options you have as an employer, self-employed or shareholder employee. More about the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP).

How your claims history affects your levies

A good or bad claims history can affect how much you pay in levies. Our programmes focus on rewarding business for fewer injuries at work.

Managing employee injuries

Find out what to do when an employee is injured, how we can support them and how to get them back to work quickly and safely.

Business updates

Find out what changes are happening that may affect how your business works with us.