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Easy to download and print-ready, use these quick guides to find out what you need to know quickly.

Profession-specific guides will help you start working with us successfully, directing you where to get the information you need, when you need it.

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    Working together handbook front page

    Working together handbook

    A guide for providers working under the Cost of Treatment Regulations. By working together, we can help provide injured people with the treatment and rehabilitation they need to get back to everyday life.

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    How to register as a provider quick guide page one information

    How to register

    Healthcare providers are vital in connecting patients to the benefits of ACC. But for that to happen, you need to be officially registered with us. Before you start, make sure you’re also registered with your relevant professional body or authority and have an annual practising certificate.

    Here’s how to register with us in four simple steps.

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    How to use read codes provider quick guide page one information

    How to use read codes

    ACC and healthcare practitioners deal with lots of different types of injuries and information. That’s why we use Read Codes. A standardised, simplified set of codes that represent all different types of diagnoses and injuries to help keep things clear and simple. Here are the three key steps to using them.

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    How to invoice provider quick guide page one information

    How to invoice

    When a claim has been lodged, you need to invoice us for the services you provide. Here’s what you need to know about invoicing – and how to send us one.

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    How to invoice general practice quick guide page one information

    General practice invoicing

    If you're a general practitioner, nurse, or nurse practitioner and are invoicing us under Cost of Treatment Regulations, we can contribute to two parts of your treatment services - a consultation rate and a procedure code. Here’s how to make sure you’re invoicing for both the consultation and procedure, if administered.

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    Cover page of culturally safe care quick guide

    Culturally safe care

    This quick guide is for all contracted and other providers and suppliers delivering rehabilitation and health services to our kiritaki (clients) with covered injuries.

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    Understanding Children’s Worker Safety Checks

    Learn what a Children’s Worker Safety Check is and when you may need to complete one.
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    Profession-specific quick guides

    Last published: 24 January 2024