Resources to help you support recovery at work

We’ve created resources to help you understand your role in recovery at work and start the conversation with your injured team members. Then they get back to work quicker and you can get on with business as usual.  

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    Employer guide

    Page 1 of supporting your injured employee quick guide

    Supporting your injured employee – guide for employers

    In this guide, you’ll learn what you can do to support your employees as they recover from injury. The information can be tailored to your workplace to support employee wellbeing and maximise productivity.

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    Quick guides

    Page 1 of recovery at work plan template quick guide

    Recovery at work plan template

    Use this template to help you get started on planning your employee’s recovery at work. Write down duties, actions, responsibilities, and timeframes so everyone is clear who is doing what, and when. 

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    Page 1 of your role in recovery at work quick guide

    Your role in the recovery at work journey

    An overview of what the recovery at work journey might look like for you to support your injured employee and some key things to consider.

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    Page 1 of understanding employees medical certificate quick guide

    Understanding your employee’s medical certificate

    Learn what a medical certificate is, why it’s used, and what to expect. 

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    Page 1 of adjusting duties for injured employee quick guide

    Adjusting duties, workload, or hours for an injured employee

    Find out how to adjust your employee's work so they can contribute to your business while they recover.

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    Page 1 of stay at work programme quick guide

    Get extra support with our Stay at Work programme

    You may wish to get support from a rehabilitation professional for your employee as they recover from their injury and return to their job. 

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    Payment quick guides

    Page 1 of managing payments of gradual return to work plan quick guide

    Managing payments as part of a gradual return to work plan

    When an injured employee returns to work in some way, they can receive income from both you and ACC up to 100% of their usual weekly earnings. Learn about abatement. 

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    Page 1 of weekly compensation quick guide

    Employer's guide to weekly compensation

    We know the importance of being on top of your employee’s pay when they’re injured — and there are several elements to ensuring this is done promptly and accurately. 

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    Conversation guides

    Page 1 of conversation guide for supervisors and team leaders

    Conversation guide for supervisors and team leaders

    Guidance on starting a conversation with your employee about their injury, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery at work. 

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    Page 1 of conversation guide for injured employees

    Conversation guide for injured employees

    Help your injured employee talk with you about their recovery at work — give this to them prior to your conversation so they know what to expect.  

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    Stay at Work programme providers

    List of stay at work providers by region

    Stay at Work providers by region

    In most cases, employers can request and organise a Stay at Work programme directly with a provider. The provider will determine if this is appropriate for your employee.

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    Last published: 6 May 2024