About MyACC

MyACC enables you to request support for your injury online using your mobile, tablet or computer. Once you’ve securely registered and logged in you can view details about your injury and actions you need to take.  

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    What can I use MyACC for?

    If you’re injured there’s a wide range of things you can access using MyACC, where and when it suits you.  

    From updating your contact details so we can always reach you, to applying for weekly compensation and viewing upcoming payments, there’s a lot you can do to manage your recovery. Learn about the support and services available once you’re logged in to MyACC. 

    • Apply for weekly compensation to help cover your income
    • View upcoming weekly compensation payment dates and amounts
    • Enter your weekly hours or earnings if you’re gradually returning to work 
    • View current and past ACC claim information back to 2007 like the accident date and description
    • Update your profile with personal and contact details and notification preferences
    • Give us authority to collect medical and other information relevant to your claim 
    • Read your rights and responsibilities and confirm you understand these 
    • View contact details for the recovery team managing your claim 
    • Request reimbursements for travel by car to treatment, rehabilitation and work
    • Submit prescription reimbursements
    • Request equipment to help with everyday tasks, like special chairs or food preparation items like a jar opener 
    • Apply for help around the home if you’re unable to do certain tasks while recovering 
    • Request rongoā Māori as part of your rehabilitation  
    • Generate a pre-employment check report showing your ACC claims history and have it sent to your employer
    • Once you’re logged in, you can communicate with us using live chat, rather than calling. Wait for a few minutes for this option to appear within MyACC.
    There are around
    people with a registered MyACC account.

    Who can use MyACC?

    Anyone with a claim that is likely to need support from us can register for MyACC. There are a few exceptions to this.

    You are not able to register for MyACC if:

    • your claim was lodged before 2007. This is because MyACC is not able to show claims before this time
    • you are under 16 years old
    • your employer uses a third-party administrator to manage ACC claims. Check with your employer.

    Register for MyACC now

    If you received an email or text message with a MyACC registration code, follow those instructions to register now.

    Go to MyACC

    Alternatives to using MyACC

    If you haven’t received a registration code by email or text, or don't want to use MyACC there are other ways to get the support you need.

    Learn about alternatives to MyACC 

    Contact us

    If you prefer to talk to us, call our contact centre or the recovery team managing your claim.  

    Phone 0800 101 996 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)

    Last published: 11 April 2024