Sending patient notes

You can use our secure document transfer form on HealthLink to securely send patient notes through your practice management system (PMS).

To help relieve pressure on healthcare providers, we’re continuing to limit our requests for patient notes. We’re making as many decisions as we can based on the evidence we have, and only requesting additional notes when they’re necessary to make an appropriate decision for a client.

Secure document transfer

Our secure document transfer form is a CareSelect web form you can only access through your PMS. It lets you send patient notes directly to our systems, making sure the information is protected.

To access the form you’ll need to register for HealthLink Messaging Services and have a compatible PMS.

Accessing the form is free but HealthLink charges for their messaging services. We don’t cover this cost.

If you don’t have a PMS

Contact us if you don’t have a PMS, or one that’s compatible. We’ll talk to you about your options.

Contact us

How to send patient notes

Once you have access to our form, you can find it in your HealthLink CareSelect options within your PMS.

You can attach 3.5MB of files with the form. Make sure you include the correct patient name and claim number on the form and in the filename of your attachments. This helps us process your submission faster.

Using prefixes when submitting clinical notes

If you’re sending clinical notes, please make sure to include a number prefix to the front of your patient’s ACC45 number before submitting.

You can use any of the following ACC number prefixes:

  • ACC number:
  • ACC Number
  • ACC number
  • ACC No
  • ACC no
  • ACC reference
  • ACC Reference
  • ACC #
  • ACC Claim #
  • ACC claim #
  • ACC Claim#
  • ACC ref

Where to send your patient notes

When we send you a request for medical notes, it should include a Healthlink electronic data interchange (EDI) address for you to send it to.

When you use our form, you'll need to select the recipient that matches the EDI.

EDI on the request for medical notes

Recipient on our form


‘Specialist / GP / Other treatment provider notes’


‘ACC surgery requests and documentation’


‘Discharge and Operation reports’


‘Radiology reports’


‘Prior approval for guided injections’


‘ACC extension of treatment requests’

If you’re unsure where to send your medical notes, get in touch:

Contact us

Getting set up to send patient notes securely

  1. Contact your PMS help desk

    Ask if your PMS is compatible with HealthLink messaging and CareSelect forms.
  2. Register for HealthLink messaging

    To access our form you’ll need to register for HealthLink Messaging Services.

    Call HealthLink to register:

    Phone 0800 288 887

  3. Get your electronic data interchange (EDI) address

    Once you’re registered, HealthLink will give you an EDI address. This is a unique number that’ll help us identify your messages.
  4. Tell us your EDI address

    Contact our eBusiness team and tell them your EDI address. We’ll activate your access to our form within a working day.

Contact us

Contact our eBusiness team if you have any questions:

Phone 0800 222 994 – Option 1

Last published: 20 April 2022