Talk to us or make a complaint

If you haven’t received the service you expected, contact us to discuss your concerns. You can also make a complaint with us or through an independent organisation.

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    Get in touch with the person handling your claim

    If you need to talk to us about an issue with our service and you've been working directly with one of our people, we suggest you get in touch with them first. Find their contact details on communications they've sent you.

    You can also contact us to discuss your concerns. Have your claim number ready when you get in touch so we can help you quicker.

    Phone 0800 101 996

    Providing new information

    If you have received new information and would like us to consider whether it changes a decision we have made that you are unhappy with, we suggest you get in touch with the decision maker first. Find their contact details on communications they've sent you.

    Make a complaint with us

    If you have any concerns about the service we’ve provided, or you want to talk through a decision we’ve made, you can make a complaint or discuss your concerns with us.

    Your rights as an injured person

    Our employees and anyone else working on our behalf must follow the Code of ACC Claimants' Rights. Your rights are to:

    • be treated with dignity and respect
    • be treated fairly and to have your views considered
    • have your culture, values, and beliefs respected
    • have a support person or persons
    • communicate effectively
    • be fully informed
    • have your privacy respected
    • complain.

    If you feel that you haven't received a good level of service, contact us to discuss your concerns.

    Read the Code of ACC Claimants' Rights

    How to complain

    If you think we haven’t followed the Code of ACC Claimants' Rights or are unhappy about the service we've provided, you can complain to us.

    Use the email address below, or call us to speak to one of our Customer Experience Representatives. They will be able to direct your call to the appropriate team or person.

    Phone 0800 650 222

    You can also fill out a complaint form:

    ACC709 Complaint form

    Make a complaint to an independent organisation

    If you feel you have made reasonable efforts to resolve your complaint with us directly and you are still not satisfied, you may be able to approach one of the following organisations.


    If you have a complaint about your privacy, contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

    Phone 0800 803 909

    Complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

    Unfair treatment

    If you think we've treated you unfairly, contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

    Phone 0800 802 602 

    Complain to the Office of the Ombudsman 

    Health or disability service

    If you're unhappy about a health or disability service you've received, or with one of the health providers working for us, contact the Health and Disability Commissioner.

    Phone 0800 112 233

    Complain to the Health and Disability Commissioner

    Last published: 14 March 2024